Hoosh is the only EventTech agency with a MarTech background in Australia.

This gives Hoosh the unique ability to integrate your virtual and hybrid events with the rest of your marketing channels.

Data is a key resource produced by events and Hoosh is able to prevent event data silos with their expertise in a wide range of MarTech integrations.

Hoosh’s energetic and creative team push the limits of MarTech and EventTech to create innovative and engaging events.

No matter how simple or complex your virtual or hybrid event is, Hoosh has the expertise to get the tech out of the way and create a magical experience.

At the same time, the team at Hoosh are trained to build like software developers so that their solutions are robust and built to last.

Hoosh also specializes in email marketing and even 2-way SMS text messaging, so that you won’t have to search for additional agencies and keep your event project streamlined.

For a sample of Hoosh’s enthusiasm and love for events, check out their podcast gameshow, Events Heist.