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For getting started on your own.

$0 / month
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1 admin seat
Unlimited events
2 hours event length
100 registrations per event
Features in Free:


Monthly or Annual

For simple and professional virtual events.

Billed monthly
Annual (Save 32%)
$99 / month
$67 / month
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1 admin seat
You get 100 registrations per month for each additional paid admin seat you buy
+$999/year per additional admin seat plus you get an additional 1,200 registrations
Unlimited events
3 days event length
+1200 registrations per year per additional paid admin seat
$0.50 per additional registration
Host events with more than 100 registrations
All features in Free, PLUS:
  • RTMP and breakout rooms
  • Canvas no-code website builder
  • Recordings and replay center



Single Event

Buy a three month plan.


All of Hopin, all year round.

Starts at $6,000
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10+ admin seats
Unlimited events
Custom event length
Custom registrations
All features in Starter, PLUS:
  • Multiple stages and advanced branding
  • Advanced analytics with CRM and API integrations
  • Custom emails and magic links
  • SSO available
  • Hybrid event capabilities

StreamYard Backstage Studio included on every Hopin plan.

Hopin Events Features and Pricing Plans Breakdown
Event length
Maximum length of time for each event.
Up to 2 hours
Up to 72 hours
Organizers (admins) included
Maximum length of time for each event.
Number of team members that will have access to all of the events within the Organization, and can create, edit, publish, and duplicate them.
+$99 per month per additional admin seat, includes an additional 100 registrations
+$799/yr per additional admin seat, includes an additional 1,200 registrations
Registrations included
Number of free registrations given per organizer per billing cycle. No charge per attendee. There is no hard cap. You can always purchase more (see below).
100 per event
Unlimited events
100 per month
1,200 per year
+1200 registrations per year per additional paid admin seat
+100 registrations per month per additional paid admin seat
Ticket commission
(does not include Stripe fees)
For each ticket sale, Hopin receives a commission. This is different from the Stripe processing fee.
Price per additional registration
If you use all of your included registrations, attendees will still be able to register to your events, however, you’ll be charged an additional fee per registration.
You can restrict your events so that the event registration page can only be accessed by the attendees from your company logged into their corporate accounts. No one outside of the company will be able to access the event registration page.
Data and content storage
Event analytics such as number of registrants, top expo booths, top countries by attendees, event recordings, etc. are stored within the platform and are accessible with an active subscription.
30 days after event
30 days after subscription ends
30 days after subscription ends
Event formats
An event that happens entirely online.Your event can be tailored to suit the needs of the hosts, participants, and speakers. Virtual events offer you the flexibility of language, types of engagement, monetization options, data analytics, branding and accessibility.
An event in a physical venue. Hopin can optimize your in-person experience with best- in-class onsite capabilities and provide you with the tech tools you need to make your attendees' experience smoother.
Bring together the best of virtual and in-person events, including hybrid scheduling, event registration, and marketing capabilities.
Event registration
Free, paid or private tickets in 135+ currencies
Free - free for attendees (organizer pays fee per registration if they go above the amount included in their plan), Paid - Attendees must purchase a ticket to attend (organizer needs to connect their account to Stripe to sell tickets and a commission is charged). Private - only someone with the direct ticket link can access it, allowing you to create exclusive hidden VIP tickets.
Event referral tracking
Hopin allows organizers to use UTM codes to track the spread and marketing of their events in a quantified way. Users can track different parameters that can be used to measure their marketing campaigns and provide accurate source and referral code tracking.
Seamless registration system with SEO-optimized registration page
Customize your event landing page with your branding, agenda, speakers, sponsors, booths, and more. All public Hopin event registration pages (Canvas included) are optimized to increase your event’s visibility on search engine platforms such as Google, Microsoft Bing, etc. You can also unlist and password-protect your private events to not be indexed by search engines if you’re using a third-party registration system. See Magic links.
Event experience
Virtual welcome lobby with dynamic event schedule
The Reception area is the welcome page or “lobby” of your event. Here you can quickly find out what’s happening at the event currently: the organizer's welcome message, sponsors, the schedule, and speakers. This area is best used for announcements, important links, sponsor messages, and event updates. Can also be disabled.
Event-wide and private messaging capabilities
There are multiple chat channels in the engagement panel on the Hopin platform, including direct messages, stage chat, sessions chat, expo chat, and full event chat.
Dynamic networking and live meetings
The Networking area is the place for auto-generated one-on-one meetings and is Hopin’s way of facilitating connection discovery at an event. Hopin Networking pairs two people over a direct video call. Networking can be targeted based on parameters you set, such as profile tags and ticket type.
Unlimited concurrent live video sessions
Create multiple live breakout rooms in the Sessions area of an event that run concurrently.
Unlimited virtual expo hosting
The Expo area is a flexible area for vendors, sponsors, and partners to showcase their products and services, generate leads, and interact with attendees. Also great for posters, galleries, demo videos, presentations, and downloadable content.
Supports 10 languages (event text only)
English is the default language for all events that are created on the Hopin platform. However, any event attendee can adjust the event Display language to the one they speak or know best. Currently, we support the following languages for the parts of the event visible to attendees: Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish
Moderator capabilities
The Moderator role is assigned by the Event Organizers and will allow them to control participants to go on and off screen inside a Session or an Expo Booth Session. Moderators are also able to mute Attendees on a Moderated Session or Expo Session and create/manage polls for a Moderated Session or Expo Session.

Closed captions in real-time
Transcribe each Speaker's audio so all Attendees know what was said, and by whom. Learn more about our Accessibility features.
Professional backstage studio powered by StreamYard
Hopin Events is the only event platform with a native integration with StreamYard as the Studio to produce your Stage content. The Backstage powered by StreamYard is where you can control and customize what attendees see on the Stage Area of your Hopin Event by bringing speakers, videos and slides into the live streaming. Learn more about the StreamYard Backstage.
Attendee Mobile App (iOS & Android)
Download the Hopin native mobile apps to make it even more convenient for attendees with no access to a desktop or laptop computer to participate in your events on the go.
Event recordings
Organizers can make event recordings available for up to 12 months after the event ends.
Event replay center
An always-on center to share the video recordings from your event. Choose which recordings get shared and for how long. Includes trimming and downloading for easy repurposing of content.
Breakout rooms
Provide attendees with a roundtable experience that they can participate in themselves. In Sessions, use breakout rooms to facilitate discussions, brainstorming sessions, and larger group networking.
RTMP compatible
Stream content from an external production source to the Stage or Sessions using a custom RTMP key.
Vendor booth self-serve dashboard
Give your vendors the ability to create their booth themselves or make changes if you’ve already set up their booth, as well as edit their area on the event registration page.
Multiple stages
Set up more than one Stage to create simultaneous tracks. Reach your audience for main talks – keynotes, presentations, fireside chats, panels, interviews, and so on. Up to 100,000 people can view a Stage at a time.
Custom website builder - Canvas
Hopin’s no-code website builder lets event organizers quickly build stunning event landing pages for all of their events.
Custom emails
Build a custom email directly in Hopin or import custom email text and graphics from an external provider into Hopin.
Custom event text and labels
Change all of the text within your Hopin event to perfectly align with the language you use within your event and organization.
Replace Hopin logo and add primary event color
Upload your logo and align your Hopin event venue colors with your own brand colors across the event venue in the Chat, Polls, buttons, side navigation menu, and more. Includes Dark theme.
Advanced branding
Customize every element of your Hopin event, including font. Recommended for organizations that have a member of the team who is familiar with CSS.
Custom Domains
Enterprise Plan Only
Onsite Capabilities
Event scheduling
Provides a clean agenda structure and source of information for your attendees to know what’s happening during the event, where they should be, and when. It’s interactive, navigational, and accessible from anywhere. When you create a schedule, it automatically appears on your event’s Registration page and Reception page.
Manual check-In
Create various attendee check-in points for your onsite event.
Floor plan upload
Add floor plans so that your attendees can easily find their way around your event if you are creating a hybrid or onsite event.
Registrant bulk upload
Upload a CSV file of your registrants to import them into our system so they don’t have to register on Hopin. Great for using third-party registration software.
In-event integrations (e.g., Slido, Kahoot, Miro, and more)
Create memorable experiences for your attendees using our apps and integrations with all different functionalities.
Native HubSpot integration
Export registrations and event data to/from Hopin and HubSpot and export Magic Links to HubSpot.
One-way to Hubspot
Zapier integration
Create a list of registrants in Google Sheets and connect Hopin to other external apps to import registrants (e.g. EventBrite).
Magic links
One-click event registration, it’s magic! Bring registrants from an external registration site into Hopin with Magic Links. When clicked, automatically signs an attendee up for your Hopin event. Each attendee is assigned a unique Magic Link that you can bulk download.
Native Marketo/Salesforce integrations
- Import and export registrations to/from Hopin and Salesforce
- Export magic links from Hopin
- Export Attendance status
- Import registrations from Marketo to Hopin, and push magic links back to Marketo
- Export registrations to Marketo as a custom activity
- Export 'attended' status to Marketo as a custom activity.
Custom API access
Through APIs, organizers are able to bring the various systems they utilize throughout their business and integrate into Hopin to perform tasks such as importing external registrations, retrieving analytics reports, retrieving information about their event, etc.
Basic analytics
Collect information from your event to better understand your audience and how to improve future events.
Advanced analytics and data reports
Access advanced analytics such as attendee chat messages, time spent, booth engagement reports, live attendance charts, and dozens more reports.
Realtime analytics dashboard
An overview of how many live attendees participating in your event. The graph can be filtered by event areas and time.
Email and chat support
Hopin Support is available through multiple contact methods throughout your event experience.
99.5% uptime SLA
We have engineered robust systems and fallbacks to ensure your event is secure and reliable.

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Frequently asked questions, answered

Answers to common questions about pricing and billing.

If my subscription ends, how long will my recordings and data remain in my account?
For all paid plans (i.e. Starter and Business), recordings and data for all events will remain for up to 30 days after your subscription ends. After 30 days, all recordings and data will be automatically deleted from your account. For Free plans, recordings and data for an event are saved for up to 30 days after that event is over. After 30 days post-event, that event’s recordings and data will be automatically deleted from your account. Keep your recordings and data on the platform longer by buying a paid plan. You can always keep your recordings and data forever by exporting them at any time before deletion.
Does Hopin Events offer discounts for nonprofits?
Yes! We offer certified nonprofits a discount. Send us your documents and we'll send you a code to sign up with.
Do you have multiple currencies?
Yes, you can choose from over 135+ currencies for your event ticket sales.
Can I purchase more months on the Single Event package?
Yes, you can buy additional one month Add-Ons if you need earlier or extended access to Hopin before or after your event.
Does Hopin Events have a public changelog? 
Glad you asked. We do! You can keep up with our latest updates here.
I still have questions. What should I do?
You can search our Knowledge Base at or reach out to us anytime at [email protected].