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Level up your online training and workshops

Create a workshop for an intimate group or train the entire company. Hopin’s all-in-one event platform allows you to design an interactive training experience that will inspire attendees.

Build a better learning environment

Create unlimited, separate virtual areas to help attendees learn in different formats and with different group sizes.

  • Create classes, panels or workshops for all of your attendees
  • Let attendees meet students and discuss concepts with one-on-one networking
  • Allow attendees to ask questions via chat or join the live video stream to ask questions
  • Create booths where students can download resources and watch supplemental videos
  • Track attendance and get detailed analytics on important training metrics

Sell polished online training courses

Create, publish and sell your online courses — all from Hopin’s event platform.

Sell tickets.

Use Hopin’s built-in ticketing platform or simply connect your Stripe account to create custom paid ticket types.

Stream high-quality video.

Display flawless content using Hopin’s own live streaming studio, pre-recorded videos or through RTMP streaming.

Brand your course.

From registration to reception and calls to action, customize Hopin to represent your brand.

Create your most interactive workshop ever

Make it easy for participants to engage, talk and connect.

  • Use the keynote stage to inspire and welcome large crowds and then break into smaller groups in individual session rooms
  • Get people talking by leveraging the one-on-one randomized networking as an icebreaker
  • Add poll questions for individual sessions or the entire workshop to assess learning and feedback
  • Leverage Miro and Slido integrations to encourage live brainstorming, polls or real-time feedback

Make events about people, not places