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Produce compelling internal events to maximize employee engagement

From workshops to happy hours help your teams feel more involved across all of your organization's events.

Keep your employees in the loop no matter where they are

  • Host engaging all-hands meetings for your employees to deliver important updates with up to 20 speakers on screen.
  • Drive active participation with built-in Q&A and dedicated chat rooms so your teams can contribute to the conversation.
  • Encourage cross-functional engagement with randomized 1:1 networking sessions across your entire organization.
  • Easily create branded high-production streams to deliver compelling content to your employees.

Create more engaged and collaborative events

Collaborate more effectively with whiteboarding and interactive workshops using integrations such as Miro and Figma.
Deliver outstanding holiday parties, social events, and happy hours to help your team feel connected wherever they are
Bring another level of interactivity to your internal events with quizzes, polls, photobooths, and games to improve engagement.
Set the stage for exciting major milestones events from sales kick-offs 
to product launches.

Empower your teams with interactive trainings and workshops

  • Create unlimited, separate event areas to help employees learn in different formats and with different group sizes.
  • Utilize a mix of live or pre-recorded content including streams, videos, and decks to deliver content efficiently to your teams.
  • Record and store event recordings for easy internal distribution after any event you've hosted.
  • Pull in up to 20 speakers on-screen at anytime alongside dedicated chat rooms to maximize engagement.