Make events about people, not places.

We care deeply about connecting people. At Hopin, we believe in a future where every event enables all to attend - without sacrificing the quality of the experience for anyone, wherever they are.

”Traditionally, our Poland-based event attracts delegates from the central eastern european region. Since moving to a hybrid model, we’ve had speakers from Singapore to San Francisco and attendees from New Zealand and China. We’ve literally expanded our reach into a truly global audience in about three months, which would have taken us 6 years pre-COVID or purely as a physical event.”

Michael Chaffe
Vice President
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“With Hopin, we’re able to reach geographies and emerging tech ecosystems we weren’t able to reach before, which opens us up to have meet-ups and pitch offs in locations that are not feasible for us to travel to for whatever reason. Not only that, but the amount of information and the data that we get from the platform is critical. It helps us learn how to get better, and how to make better connections between our attendees. Physical and in-person events will come back for TechCrunch, but everything moving forward will have this virtual layer on it.”

Enrico Dressler
Managing Director

“Hopin seamlessly connects onsite and virtual participants, providing a similar experience to each kind of attendee. Attendees can now attend events they might never have been able to attend in-person, increasing the range of the people, messages, products, and philosophies featured in the event by an order of magnitude.”

Enrico Dressler
Managing Director

Increase the ROI of your event.

Reach a significantly larger audience by making your event hybrid. Create different ticket types and prices for your in-person and virtual attendees, increase sponsorship opportunities, and collect more data about all of your attendees to help your sales team close more deals.

  • Create multiple ticket-types to maximize the revenue for your event across all attendees.
  • Enable different levels of sponsorship opportunities via both the physical and virtual event space.
  • Pass attendee data to your sales and marketing teams via our pre-built integrations.

Break down barriers for audience interaction and engagement.

Give all your event attendees the opportunity to immerse themselves in your event, the content being delivered, and create meaningful connections with one another.

  • With the Hopin mobile app, your in-person and virtual attendees can connect and engage, regardless of location.
  • Use our pre-built interactions like Miro and Snapbar to make your hybrid event more interactive and personalize the attendee experience.
  • Facilitate both open or targeted networking experiences for your in-person and virtual attendees, to help build connections that otherwise may have never occurred.

Everything you’re looking for
to produce a successful world-class event.

By hosting an event on Hopin, extend your event’s capabilities by connecting marketing, sales, event production, and collaboration tools to your Hopin event.

  • Connect to key technology partners like Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot and hundreds of others via one of our integrations.
  • Explore our vast network of event production agency partners to help transfer the burden of planning and executing a hybrid event, to a team of experts with proven results.
  • Get dedicated event support from our world-class Hopin Customer Success team, to ensure your event is flawless.

Make events about people, not places