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Service Level Agreement
Enterprise Plan

March 2, 2021

Our Support Promise to you

Our goal is to provide you the very best event preparation and live event services. As our Platform and Services grow and evolve, so will the breadth and type of support we provide. While the details in this Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) may change from time to time, we promise that any such changes will still deliver the same value we committed to provide from the outset. Sometimes that means replacing a type of support service with a more meaningful or suitable one. Or sometimes that means adding a support service to support new features on the Platform. If we do make a change to this SLA, we will give you reasonable advance notice (and always at least 30 days) before the change is effective. Regardless of the change, our commitment to delivering the value of the support you purchased will not waver. 

What this document covers

Account Services are the support and training services provided by the Hopin Customer Success Team before and after your first Event. 

Live Event Services are the live support services provided by the Hopin Customer Success Team and Global Support during your first Event and any subsequent Events for which you have pre-purchased at least 1,000 Registrations (each a “Covered Live Event”).  You must pre-purchase the 1,000 Registrations AND request Live Event Services at least four weeks before your Event start date. . 

Global Support is the email and chat support provided by the Hopin Global Support Team 24/7, every day of your subscription. Find them (and helpful support articles) at Hopin Support at Visit those pages often because we frequently post feature updates! 

Account Services

Your designated Hopin Customer Success Manager (“CSM”) will be responsible for the overall management of your Hopin experience and will be available during 0900 am to 1730 pm Monday to Friday in the time zone of your CSM, excluding locally recognized holidays (“Normal Business Hours”). We will make every reasonable effort to provide one suitable for your preferred time zone.

“Designated Event Contacts” are those individuals that you identify and Hopin acknowledges are designated as authorized recipients of support under this SLA, as identified by their name and email address, or other account information accepted by Hopin. Hopin will only be obligated to provide Account Services to a Designated Event Contact(s). Support for non-Designated Event Contacts will be at Hopin’s sole discretion. 

Your CSM will be primarily responsible for coordinating and providing support, training, and strategic planning to Designated Event Contacts during Normal Business Hours. This includes Quarterly:

  • Quarterly Event calendar reviews with your Designated Event Contacts to help you plan your Events and ensure ongoing success, and
  • Two (2) follow up 60 minute training sessions that can be used at any time during your subscription to train additional personnel as you grow your event planning team.

Outside of Normal Business Hours, You can always contact the Hopin Global Support Team who are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Hopin has you covered around the clock.

Currently, support is provided in English language only. However, we do our best to accommodate other language support on an ad hoc basis.

Live Event Services 

Our Live Event Services are live and real-time support during your Covered Live Events. . 

Pre-Event Preparation: 

  • 90 minute Event set up session
  • 30 minute tech rehearsal
  • Two 30 min speaker dry runs
  • One pre-Event check-in

During Covered Live Event:

  • CSM joins starting 30 mins before your Covered Live Event and stays for the entirety of the Covered Live Event 
  • Live Event chat support 
  • Live Event email support 

Live Event email support. Designated Event Contacts can request Live Event support by emailing [email protected] from their email account on record. The request must include sufficient detail, material and information to enable Hopin to properly investigate and duplicate any problem. We will make commercially reasonable efforts to respond within five minutes.

Live Event chat support. Designated Event Contacts can also request Live Event support through the online chat feature in the support pages of the Platform. The chat request must be from a Designated Event Contact to identify them as a priority support recipient (via login or their email address). We will make commercially reasonable efforts to respond within five minutes.

AVAILABILITY - Live Events Only

Hopin will endeavor to maintain 99.5% uptime service Availability (“Availability Target”) where “Availability” is calculated as the total minutes that the Platform was available to stream your Live Event, less Excluded Downtime (defined below), divided by the total minutes that your Event was scheduled to take place on the Platform (“Event Time”). “Excluded Downtime” means any disruption, unavailability or inoperability: (a) directly or indirectly caused by you, (b) due to unforeseeable circumstances, (c) due to foreseeable circumstances but despite Hopin’s commercially reasonable measures to prevent were not within our ability to fully prevent (including but not limited to widespread internet disruptions, interruption of services by our service providers such as AWS and that was not caused by Hopin, and malicious third party acts), and (d) emergency security measures. In all those cases, Hopin will liaise with you and applicable third parties to assist to the best of our ability, to re-establish availability as soon as practicable. Hopin will update You with status no less than every 30 minutes for full outages, and no less than 60 minutes for partial outages.

Availability Remedy 

If the Availability falls below 99.5% during your Live Event, the following remedies will be made available to you:

Availability during Live Event
Service Credit

less than 98% to 95% 

99.5% - 98% 
10% of Registrations from affected Live Event will be credited 
20% of Registrations from affected Live Event will be credited 

less than 95% to 90%
30% of Registrations from affected Live Event will be credited 

less than 90% to 80%
40% of Registrations from affected Live Event will be credited

less than 80% to 60%
50% of Registrations from affected Live Event will be credited 

less than 60%
100% of Registrations from affected Live Event will be credited, and Live Event Services credit for Event of Customer’s choosing

Hopin cannot guarantee that all faults or defects in the Services will be resolved within a specified period of time, or that any support request, defect or fault will be corrected.

How to Redeem Service Credits

You must request to redeem any service credits within 30 days after the end of the calendar month during which you experienced an affected Event with sufficient details regarding the applicable Service Credits. If verified by Hopin, Hopin will credit the Registrations to your account. 

Termination for Successive SLA Failures

If Hopin fails to meet the Availability Target during more than three (3) of your Covered Live Events (“Successive SLA Failure”), you may terminate the Agreement and receive a prorated portion of your Prepaid Subscription Fee and Additional Registrations based on the number of months left in your Subscription Period. To exercise this right, you must give Hopin notice within 30 days of the Successive SLA Failure. Such termination will not be deemed a material breach of this Agreement and will be your sole and exclusive remedy for a Successive SLA Failure.