Say Hello,
to Hopin Canvas.

A website is a first impression –– and the front door to your event.

Canvas is Hopin’s no-code website builder and provides a powerful new tool for event organizers to quickly build stunning event landing pages for all of their events.
Build your brand

Customizable Layout
and Themes

Let your brand shine through on the website you build. Canvas provides beautiful and fully customizable themes that let organizers tailor their event website from
end to end.

Fully adjust colors, logos, fonts, and text fields
to make your messaging come to life.

Start Today

Drag and Drop Modular

Drag and drop modular content blocks into your website –– no coding skills needed.

Easily select from the wide range of section blocks that Canvas has to offer including rich text editors, images, videos, and iFrame capabilities.

Save Time

Seamless Data Import

Canvas features one-click import functionality, which means your website can quickly and easily reflect any changes you’ve made to your Hopin event dashboard.

Speaker backed out at the last minute? No problem. Just make the change in your event dashboard, then import the update into Canvas with a single click.

Make events about
people, not places