Make the world feel closer

Imagine a world where nothing is out of reach — where all of us have access to the people, moments, and experiences we care most about. That’s the world Hopin exists to create.

Our Beliefs

Access is essential.

In a world of unprecedented opportunity, everyone should have the same access — regardless of gender, nationality, socioeconomic status, physical ability, or any other barrier.

True connection requires engagement.

Even when we can’t physically be together, we should still be able to take part in experiences that make us feel inspired, energized, and emotionally engaged.

Technology unlocks opportunity.

When used thoughtfully and with empathy, the internet and technology can be the greatest enablers of innovation, inclusivity, social mobility, and human progress.

Reducing the geographic
barriers to global opportunity

Although the internet has opened a new universe of possibility, significant obstacles still prevent many from realizing the benefits of a connected world.

Education and skills, affordability, cultural acceptance, and many other challenges all keep us from reaching our collective potential.

As a purpose-driven company, Hopin is committed not only to building products that unlock access — but to reducing the geographic barriers to global opportunity.

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