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Update Your Registration Page

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It may seem small but in order to give your on-demand attendees the best possible experience, it's important to update your registration page.

Imagine you're an attendee and you visit the landing page of an event and you see the dates of the event were set for one week ago. You may think to yourself "oh no! I missed the event 😩!" You might not realize that through this registration page you can actually watch the recordings from the event you didn't attend live.

Now imagine you visit the registration page and it clearly states "Welcome! Register for a ticket to watch the recordings from our Special Event On-Demand." That message is clear! You may have missed the live event, but you haven't missed out entirely.

When updating your Registration page, there are some key items we recommend looking out for.

  • Any mention of the date and time of the original event (especially the schedule). We recommend including the dates the recordings will be available.
  • Any mention of "live" sessions, presentations, or roundtables

To update your Registration page, go to Registrations > Registrations Pages.

Using Hopin's Canvas Registration pages, you can delete full sections (such as the Schedule) or simply edit the text.