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Disable Features

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To avoid confusion for your On-Demand only attendees, it's important to turn off areas of the venue and features that won't be used after the live event has ended.

Two of the items we recommend disabling are:

  • The event & segment chats
  • The People Area & networking

The Stage & Sessions areas will both be disabled automatically when they are not in use.

Disabling the Chat:

It's important to turn off the event and segment chats if you will not have someone monitoring them. Otherwise, attendees might ask a question and be disappointed when they don't receive a response. Or even worse someone might leave a disrespectful comment.

To disable the chat, go to Venue > Venue Controls > Chat

For more details on how to disable chat, check out this article.

Disabling the People Area & Networking:

Many Organizers who repurpose their events for on-demand, choose to disable the People Area. The People Area will show any registrants a list of all attendees for your live and on-demand programming.

To disable the People Area, go to Setup > Basics > uncheck the People Area

We also see many organizers disable Networking since you won't be able to guarantee that attendees will join the on-demand event at the same time.

To disable Networking, go to Venue > Networking > Uncheck "Enable Speed Networking"