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Breakout Rooms

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Breakout room capacity and limits

There are some important capacity limitations you should be aware of before creating breakout rooms:

  • Max number of breakouts that can be created: 75 rooms per Session
  • Min number of people to create breakout rooms: 4 people (+ Organizer/Moderator)
  • Min number of people per breakout: 2 people
  • Max number of people per breakout: 15 people

Note: there is a limit of 15 people per Breakout room when creating the rooms, however, there are 5 excess slots that allow for organizers and moderators to freely move between breakouts that have reached the 15/15 capacity

Note: The Organizer will remain in the main Session and will not be sent to a Breakout Room. If there is more than one Organizer or Moderator in the Session, only the creator of the Breakout Rooms will remain in the main Session and the others will be randomly assigned to a room.

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