104 - Test Your Event


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It's always best practice to organize different dry-runs for your speakers and exhibitors so that all contributors can practice within their specific event area.

Scheduling dry runs will make this easier, which is what this course is all about!
And to help you plan your event and to make sure you have the right technical setup, you can download our Event Planning Project Management Template and a Technical Best Practices One Pager from the section below.        

Attachment: Event_Planning_-_Project_Management_Template_6f3a13.xlsx

Attachment: Technical_Best_Practices_9ce2d3.pdf

Prior to your event and your tech run through, share the link to Hopin's Pre-Event Check with your speakers and colleagues who will support you during the event.

This tool will check your browser compatibility, audio and video setup, speaker setup, blockers and internet speed.

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