103 - Build Your Event

Practice what you've learned!

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Now that you know how to Build your Virtual Venue on Hopin, practice what you've learned with this Knowledge Check:

  1. Create a practice event called “Test Event” and set the date 2 months ahead of the current date.
  2. Write a short welcome message to be posted on the Reception page.
  3. Set up a Stage with the Hopin Backstage powered by StreamYard as the broadcasting option.
  4. Add a Schedule item showing that your 1h long Stage talk will start 15min after the event start time.
  5. Create a Session where anyone can participate, name it Q & A Session and upload a session picture.
  6. Set up Networking with a minimum duration of 30s and a maximum of 300s.
  7. Create an Expo booth with YouTube as the content provider and add a YouTube video to it.

Here are some additional resources to help you complete the Knowledge Check: