103 - Build Your Event


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Utilize the best of what Hopin has to offer by adding exciting apps to your next event

Over 50% of customers on advanced plans are using at least 1 app or integration to take their event to the next level.

Integrations are a fantastic way to save time, collaborate with others or engage your attendees even further with surveys, quizzes or games throughout the event.

Hopin currently provides organizers with 2 types of integrations:

  1. Apps that are easily embedded in your Hopin event
  2. Data integrations with business tools to automate your workflow

Here's an example of how to use the Mentimeter integration in a Hopin event as an icebreaker activity:

Integrations for various use cases

  • GoFundMe, which lets your attendees make donations directly in Hopin, without ever having to leave the platform
  • Kahoot, another favourite integration that allows you to gamify your event and keep your audience engaged
  • Syncwords, a great tool to help with live translations and closed captions

Visit our product integrations page to see the full collection to get inspired for your event.

Don't see anything you like?

If you’re looking for a specific integration that is not listed yet, you can always request it here and our product engineers might be able to build it for you.