Hybrid events whitepaper cover

The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Events

Now that we've seen how easily we can connect with people, ideas, and brands around the world, can we ever go back to exclusively offline or exclusively virtual events?

Hybrid events whitepaper cover

Hybrid is here.

In this whitepaper, you'll master the hybrid event experience from the perspective of every stakeholder involved – organizer, attendee, speaker, and sponsor – to answer the most important questions facing brands in 2021:

  • What is a hybrid event?
  • Four brand-building benefits of hybrid events
  • 9-point hybrid event checklist
  • How your virtual events don't compete with onsite events
  • A 360-degree breakdown of hybrid events from the experience of attendees, organizers, speakers, and sponsors

Hopin connects onsite and virtual participants seamlessly, providing a similar experience to each kind of attendee. Attendees can now attend events they might never have been able to attend in-person, increasing the range of the people, messages, products, and philosophies featured in the event by an order of magnitude.

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Enrico Dressler
Managing Director at SmartEvents

Only as the world becomes safer will in-person events return. It will be slow. It will take time. Until then, events are getting scheduled and organizers are offering both an online and an offline version for all attendees to feel comfortable. This is the new reality of events. And it's already happening now. Hybrid is here. Are you ready for it?

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The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Events.

Use this strategy guide to get the best tips and takeaways for hosting a successful hybrid event.