Create engaging event experiences people actually want to attend

Accomplish your revenue and community building goals with an event platform built for engagement

  • Create in-person, virtual or hybrid event experiences
  • Engage attendees with chat, polls, Q&A, networking and more
  • Get deeper insights and report on event success with analytics
  • Put on a great show with the best video and streaming quality
“The Hopin team’s focus on client service was extraordinary. They held our hands through the process in a way that was beyond what they were contractually obligated to do.”
“Hopin is a really great choice for your event if you want to maintain everything in the same area and if you want a more seamless event. Hopin has all the features you need.”
“The main thing that got me excited about Hopin was the video-first approach. That’s why we went with Hopin.”
“Hopin’s networking experience helped to foster a sense of community that felt tangible and, as a result, made the rest of the content that much more engaging and impactful.”

What customers
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Hopin at G2

Here are a few of the many comments we hear
from organizers after running their Hopin events.

Headshot of creative director and virtual event organizer, Brian Burge
Brian Burge
Creative Director
“There are three main things that I love about Hopin. 1. It's insanely easy to use. 2. Their documentation. It has been so easy to find step by step information on features and functions within the platform. 3. Cost. I think the pricing is very fair and I hope they keep it that way.”
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Headshot of marketing manager, Kate Butler
Gina D
Registered Behavior Technician
The ease of navigation between tracks on Hopin is great. The layout is clean and simple and I think it's a really useful feature that when looking through the schedule, delegates can add reminders to their personal calendars straight from the platform.
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Headshot of registered behavior technician Alyson Ruvio
Alyson Ruvio
Registered Behavior Technician
The things I liked best about Hopin is how user-friendly it is and the features it provided. I think it is a more modern way to connect people in the community online. It is helpful because as an attendee I can navigate through the site with ease.
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Headshot of city leader - Chennai & Bangalore, Nivas Ravichandran
Nivas Ravichandran
Event Marketing Strategist
Hopin is beyond sessions and talks. It's a full-fledged virtual event management platform and has the ability to allow participants to network with each other, participate in booths, and attend parallel sessions.
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