Meet West Peek Productions, an exciting events agency that uses Hopin to provide virtual and hybrid experiences for clients like Google and Facebook

Meet West Peek Productions, an exciting events agency that uses Hopin to provide virtual and hybrid experiences for clients like Google and Facebook

From 0 to 100 with Hopin

March 2020 was the beginning of a hard and uncertain time for many organizations. But not for the team at West Peek Productions, an online event production agency that creates seamless virtual experiences for its clients. 

After coming across Hopin, co-founders Trévon Hill and Scooter Taylor decided to host their own fully immersive virtual event on the platform titled ‘Quarantine Con’… in just four days.

They stayed up late into the night during that four-day period, learning everything they could about the platform. The duo even met with Hopin’s Founder and CEO, Johnny Boufarhat, to iron out some wrinkles before the event. 

“We found ourselves on a video call with the founder of Hopin, while he's on his couch. And he was giving us all these tips and tricks about how to execute a flawless event.” –Scooter Taylor, Co-Founder, West Peek Productions

Trévon and Scooter expected just a few hundred guests to attend their impromptu conference. Instead, 2,500 registered in just two hours using Hopin’s quick and easy registration page, and the final turnout was an incredible 5,000+ attendees.

While the conference was only meant to be a trial run for Scooter and Trévon to learn, connect, and build a community, it ended up catching the eye of several organizations that needed help with their own events. So much so that West Peek Productions was born – a virtual and hybrid events agency for modern brands. 

"We were like, ‘Let's bring some of our mentors to the table. Let's bring some other people that we know. Let's just make it a big moment of learning and sharing.’ We actually called it ‘Learn, Partner, Connect.’ Those were our pillars at the beginning."

Trévon Hill
Co-Founder, West Peek Productions

An immersive approach for memorable events 

For West Peek Productions, using Hopin is not just about accessing an all-in-one events platform. It’s about creating tailored technical solutions where attendees can have meaningful connections. They think of themselves not just as event planners, but as technologists coming into a world that needs the skillset to create incredible virtual and hybrid experiences.

It’s a mindset that takes event production to the next level.

After the success of their first event, a number of referrals from their community snowballed into a stream of new business and Trévon and Scooter found themselves building a wide array of different experiences on Hopin. 

“We are now being put in a position to bring people together [and] provide programming on new ways for people to engage. And Hopin provided us with the technology to do so. So, we were able to go in and create all types of different ideas, from virtual gyms to career fairs. We did it all inside of Hopin within like the first two months” –Trévon Hill, Co-Founder, West Peek Productions

In only a year and a half of business, West Peek Productions has put together events for names like Google, Facebook, Universal Music Group, J.P. Morgan, and Morgan Stanley. 

The key to their success has been an obsession with providing the most immersive and interactive event experiences possible. Trévon and Scooter both come from a tech background and are constantly pushing the Hopin platform to (and occasionally past) its limits. 

Initially drawn to Hopin for its networking features, West Peek Productions has continued to use the group and one-to-one video networking feature to provide the same incredible community-building experience for its clients.

They’ve also experimented with the Sessions feature of Hopin to provide unique interactive experiences for attendees. At one event they built a virtual gym where each room contained a personal trainer taking a different workout class. At another, they hosted a large keynote panel discussion on Hopin’s main stage followed by breakout sessions with each speaker so attendees could engage with them in a more intimate and interactive setting.

Always ahead of the curve, Trévon and Scooter have also been using StreamYard since before it was a Hopin product. The ability to provide a TV standard of production quality to live content has become a trademark of the agency, and they were overjoyed when the platform was acquired by Hopin.

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The Hopin features West Peek Production uses to create immersive experiences

Priding themselves on top-down, seamless experiences for their clients and attendees, West Peek Productions uses all of Hopin features for successful events:

  • Customization: The agenda and branding of Hopin are easily customizable according to each clients’ visual brand, goals, and company values. 
  • Mobile app: With Hopin, attendees can access the platform on the go at any time from their device of choice. This helps ensure higher attendance rates at events.
  • Stages: Keynote speakers and presentations take place on Hopin’s stages.
  • Sessions: Hopin’s Sessions feature provides attendees with the opportunity to enjoy content in a more intimate setting. 
  • Audience engagement: Hopin’s chat, Q&A, and polling features are vital for keeping attendees engaged throughout presentations.
  • Networking: Attendees can connect with each other at events using Hopin’s one-to-one and group video networking features. 
  • Expo: Event sponsors can connect directly with attendees using Hopin’s Expo area. Each sponsor gets their own customized booth to network and host content, including live and pre-recorded video, downloadable resources, and web links.
  • StreamYard: Using StreamYard, West Peek Productions can create TV-quality live streams for their events on the fly with very little effort. 

"We've worked with current presidents, former presidents, we've been able to work with actresses, we've been able to work with politicians, activists, students [...] Since the first time we did our first Hopin event, we've produced nearly 200 virtual events."

Scooter Taylor
Co-Founder, West Peek Productions

This is just the beginning

The drive from Trévon and Scooter to get the most out of every aspect of their event technology has resulted in an incredible experience for attendees, speakers, sponsors, and organizers alike. So much so, that the primary driver of business for West Peek Productions continues to be referrals from past attendees and the agency doesn’t need to engage in any outreach work.

This love of West Peek Productions’ events has translated into superb ROI for clients and sponsors. In fact, after organizing a jobs fair to help tech companies hire students of color, one of the brands involved, Jopwell, connected with so many quality candidates it has since started using Hopin for its own jobs fairs.

"I think most notably would be the career fairs at the very beginning of the pandemic, trying to help technology companies specifically reach black and brown students who met the qualifications to intern at their companies [...] One of the companies who did the best, Jopwell, their leader in diversity recruitment has been using Hopin even beyond us, which has been awesome to see." –Scooter Taylor, Co-Founder, West Peek Productions

The demand for West Peek Productions own events also remains strong. Many of the attendees and sponsors from the agency’s original Quarantine Con series regularly get in touch to ask about opportunities to sponsor or speak at future events. Due to its popularity, West Peek Productions plans to build this subrand into its own community with Hopin.

Looking forward, Trévon and Scooter are excited about the future of the agency’s partnership with Hopin for virtual and hybrid events. As members of Hopin’s advisory board they have plenty of input shaping the future direction of the platform, ensuring new features help them deliver the high standards of innovation and engagement their clients expect. 


Events and counting on Hopin


Attendees at Quarantine Con

"What keeps me coming back to Hopin is I know that the platform and the technology itself is strong enough and scalable enough to get the job done."

Scooter Taylor
Co-founder, West Peek Productions

Lots of virtual audience buzz

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