Vectorly Joins Hopin to Open the Door to More Engaging Shared Experiences

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Vectorly Joins Hopin to Pioneer Next-Gen Video Communication Experiences

Today, we’re excited to share that we’ve acquihired incredible talent and acquired select assets from Vectorly, an AI-based video enhancement technology that improves audio-visual experiences.

At Hopin, we believe all people should be able to take part in shared experiences that make them feel inspired, energized, and emotionally engaged. We know seamless video technology is core to achieving our mission and we’re excited to welcome the Vectorly team to help deliver on that vision.

“Hopin has been an enthusiastic Vectorly customer and is currently using its SDK (software development kit) in a number of products,” said Vectorly CEO, Sam Bhattacharyya. “As we continued to work closely with Badri and the Hopin team, combining forces became a natural, impactful next step –– and one that will help us continue to innovate video communication experiences for Hopin customers and attendees around the world.”

Creating audio-visual experiences that bring us closer together with Vectorly

Most of us have had the frustrating experience of attending a virtual meeting and suddenly seeing someone’s face frozen in an unflattering way. Vectorly’s machine learning technology will help avoid interruptions like this. Even those with a high-bandwidth connection will see noticeable improvements to their Hopin experience. 

From there, Vectorly technology will be integrated throughout Hopin’s multi-product portfolio, to deliver other enhancements, such as video super resolution, virtual backgrounds, and more.

A fundamental change to how people engage with their communities

We worked closely with Vectorly leadership to ensure each team member can continue to do their best work at Hopin.

Together, Hopin and Vectorly will unlock new markets and create entirely new use cases for our customers — current and future. Through our technology, we’ll look for ways to overcome barriers like low-powered phones and spotty internet connections, so people around the world can access content and be part of the experiences they care about.

Want to learn more about how Hopin will benefit you and your business? Contact us or speak with your customer representative. Otherwise, stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate.

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