10 Top Hybrid and Virtual Events on Hopin

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Virtual events—and, now, hybrid events—are a versatile way to reach and engage a large, distributed audience.

From conferences to expos to fundraisers to workshops, hybrid and online events accommodate a wide range of use cases. In large part, that is thanks to the key elements of virtual event platforms: multiple rooms, engagement features, and video technology.

Whether you are looking for the latest events to participate in or are searching for inspiration for your own virtual or hybrid event in 2021, you can find insightful and innovative events on Hopin.

Here are the 10 best hybrid and virtual events happening in 2021.

1. VERGE Net Zero

Tuesday July 27, 9:30am PT to Wednesday July 28, 3pm PT

Overview: Conference on sustainability and strategies to hit the private sector’s most ambitious carbon emission targets

Who should attend: For professionals working on sustainability, supply chains, facilities, fleets, and manufacturing—as well as for those in other industry functions or with an interest in guiding their organizations toward net-zero targets

Event details: Hosted by GreenBiz Group, VERGE Net Zero will bring together 5,000+ professionals for a two-day program organized around three tracks: measure, offset, and reduce. Hear from speakers affiliated with government (US Department of Energy), industry (Microsoft, Netflix, Salesforce, Walmart), academia (Princeton University), and more about how the private sector is working to reduce carbon emissions.

Register for VERGE Net Zero here.

2. ComSpark Cybersecurity Summit

Wednesday July 28, 5:30am PT to Wednesday July 28, 1pm PT

Overview: Summit on key concepts and strategies in cyber, including opportunities for live cybersecurity demos and networking

Who should attend: For aspiring leaders in cybersecurity as well as those interested in learning about the latest in cybersecurity research and tech

Event details: Hosted by ComSpark, this summit will include 30+ sessions and panels featuring 100+ speakers from leading global companies that offer education, best practices, and strategies on future-proofing organizational cybersecurity

Get tickets to ComSpark Cybersecurity Summit here.

3. Future of Education Summit 2021

Thursday July 29, 1am PT to July 29, 7am PT

Overview: One-day virtual event providing a series of discussions and interviews with tech and education experts from around the world

Who should attend: For education professionals who want to understand the state of education during and after the pandemic, including opportunities for curriculum development, capacity building, and technology

Event details: Hosted by CNBC Africa, the summit will feature 25 international and African leaders in education for a review of advanced education challenges, discussion of innovative solutions, and exploration of the purpose of education in 2021

Get tickets to the Future of Education Summit here.

4. GitLab Commit Virtual: Innovate Together

Tuesday August 3, 4am PT to Thursday August 5, 1am PT

Overview: Conference on practical strategies and techniques for software development

Who should attend: Software professionals who want to learn ways to optimize team collaboration for software development

Event details: Hosted by GitLab, the free two-day conference will bring together the GitLab community of software developers to learn from each other about the latest in DevOps as well as CI/CD and security technologies.

Get tickets for GitLab Commit here.

5. Resource Recycling Conference

Wednesday August 4, 7am PT to Thursday August 5, 4pm PT

Overview: Conference on municipal recycling programs and opportunities for coordination across the country

Who should attend: For local waste and recycling officials, hauling companies, recycling facility operators, and other key industry stakeholders

Event details: The two-day event will connect municipal recycling stakeholders in order to help boost local programs and develop more materials recovery coordination across North America.

Get tickets for the Resource Recyling Conference here.

6. The Things Summer Academy

Monday August 16, 1am PT to Friday August 20, 1am PT

Overview: Educational event for participants to develop professional-level LoRaWAN (protocol for Internet of Things) knowledge

Who should attend: For those looking to jumpstart a career in IoT (Internet of Things) and who have a basic understanding of web development and hardware kit

Event details: Hosted by The Things Industries, this five-day intensive online event gives attendees access to exclusive Q&As, a personal mentor, skill certification, and hands-on workshops with leading industry experts. Participants can gain immersive knowledge of the LoRa technology and LoRaWAN protocol and put the theories into real-world practice

Get tickets to The Things Summer Academy here.

7. The Spoon’s Restaurant Tech Summit

Tuesday August 17, 8am PT to Tuesday August 17, 6pm PT

Overview: This event brings together leading players from across the restaurant industry to share their knowledge on how to thrive as we move into a digital-first era for restaurants

Who should attend: Restaurant industry decision-makers and restaurateurs who want to stay at the forefront of restaurant technology

Event details: This event will explore the technology revolution restaurants are undergoing––tech’s impact on everything from safe dining and working conditions to reducing food packaging and waste, and developing new jobs

Get tickets to the Restaurant Tech Summit here.

8. RESHAPE Summit

Wednesday September 15 to Thursday September 16

Overview: Global virtual leadership summit to discuss paradigm shifts in customer experience, sustainability, and diversity and inclusion

Who should attend: For organization leaders and C-levels, founders, VCs, analysts, sustainability officers, CSR leaders, retail directors, creatives, AI professionals, and more

Event details: Speakers (including President Barack Obama) and industry leaders will share their knowledge and insights around topics like climate change and inclusivity. This virtual event brings together luminaries, dignitaries, disruptors, and cutting-edge creators to share real-life stories of transformation and how to future-proof your business

Get tickets to the RESHAPE Summit here.

9. TechCrunch Disrupt 2021

Tuesday September 21 to Thursday September 23

Overview: Leading conference on technology, VC, innovation, and startups

Who should attend: For founders, startup leaders, VCs, and tech enthusiasts to learn about the latest innovations and make connections

Event details: TechCrunch Disrupt is a three-day virtual event with two big focuses: founders and investors shaping the future of disruptive technology and ideas, and startup experts providing insights to entrepreneurs

Get tickets to TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 here.

10. TNW Conference

Thursday September 30 to Friday October 1

Overview: Hybrid technology festival to dig into top industry knowledge with international executives, policymakers, startups, and scaleups

Who should attend: For business leaders, founders and CEOs, investors, and tech enthusiasts interested in knowledge sharing and networking

Event details: The in-person event hosted in Amsterdam is open to 4,500 attendees, while attendees can participate from around the globe via Hopin. 

Get tickets to TNW Conference here.

For more upcoming events, visit Hopin Explore.

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