Monthly Product Update: May 2022

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Welcome back to another edition of Hopin’s monthly product update. We have a ton of great features to share with you to power your virtual and hybrid events. Read on for a rundown of our latest product updates and to learn more about how you can start using them today.

In this roundup:

Meet the new hybrid experience at Hopin

New apps have landed in the Hopin App Store

Enhancements to the attendee experience

Product tips and best practices

Meet the new hybrid experience at Hopin

It’s simple, it’s flexible, it’s interconnected — and best of all it’s built for any team, any size, and any intended outcome. 

Hybrid at Hopin has come a long way since the acquisition of Boomset. Planning and running a hybrid event previously meant integrating our two best-in-class products –– virtual and onsite –– to reach both the online and in-person audiences. 

Now, Hopin customers have the freedom to choose how, when, and where they want to run their events with our fully integrated platform.

Take your hybrid experiences to the next level with these new in-person features.

Branded self-serve kiosks 

Reduce wait times and provide users with the convenience of a fast and secure event check-in experience with our self-serve check-in kiosks. They’re easy to set up with fully customizable display screens that connect your customers to your brand. 

On-demand badge printing

Design and print the perfect badge for your live event with our powerful badge-printing tool. You can create, configure, and design badges and badge templates to make the printing process effortless. 

Segment tracking

Track attendance to your events’ keynote sessions, breakout sessions, and more –– all in real time. Then, use these insights to optimize other sessions for increased viewership and determine how to invest your event budget. 

With segment tracking, you’ll be equipped to understand attendee interests and identify ways to level up future experiences. 

Lead retrieval

Deliver a strong return on investment (ROI) to sponsors with Hopin’s lead retrieval functionality. This new feature allows sponsors and exhibitors to get a better grasp on who’s coming to their booths and understand attendee activity beyond the first booth interaction. 

Professionals can also use lead retrieval to organize, prioritize, and export lead information gathered during an event. 

It’s an entirely new way to experience Hybrid events at Hopin. In the coming months we will continue to share more robust features to help you simplify and amplify your hybrid event experience. And that’s not all, we will also be bringing our standalone in-person events capability to the Hopin platform later this year. So stay tuned.

New apps have landed in the Hopin App Store

Hopin’s ever-growing library of applications can help enhance your event and ensure you’re effectively catering to your audience. 

Whether you want to provide more ways for attendees to engage within the experiences you’re building or increase the accessibility of your event content — there’s an app for that. 

In May, we launched three new partner applications: Aha Slides,, and LiveVoice. Learn more about each one below. You’ll find these apps and more in the Hopin App Store.

Aha Slides

Aha Slides is an easy-to-use audience engagement app that gives you the power to break the ice, inspire discussions, and host fun activities. Choose from a variety of templates to quickly implement polls, quizzes, word clouds, and more into your experiences. 

You can even run interactive idea-sharing and moodboarding sessions. After your event, see full engagement reports and analyze insights to make your next experience even better.

Conferences i/o

The Conferences i/o app allows you to integrate certification functionality into events. Track attendance and provide certification credits based on attendee completion of learning activities. also provides engagement tools such as live polls, evaluations, and Q&A options so you can offer attendees opportunities to interact with content throughout each session.


LiveVoice is an affordable accessibility app that provides interpretation for online and hybrid events. 

With clients around the world, from large corporations to small nonprofits, LiveVoice powers simultaneous interpretation for everyone, anywhere. Their flexible set-up allows you to add as many language channels to your event as you’d like. Choose from LiveVoice’s interpreters network or bring your own interpreter. 

LiveVoice also offers hybrid-friendly options, such as custom delay, so both on-site and online audiences can access interpretation in sync.

Enhancements to the attendee experience

We’ve made it easier for attendees to interact with your events — before, during, and after the experience. 

In-event notifications for Q&A and polls

Now, publishing a new poll will trigger a notification to all attendees, prompting them to vote via the “Polls” tab. Event organizers can also easily let the audience know  the Q&A is open, so attendees can post questions.

Post-event registration

The disappointment is real: No one wants to see an event they’re interested in, then realize it already happened. 

Prevent this kind of letdown with post-event registration. You can now extend a registration window so it continues to run after an event ends. That way, late viewers can still register for your event and watch the on-demand recordings in Hopin’s Replay Area.

Closed captions in the Replay Area

Registrants can now toggle on automatic live captions in Hopin’s Replay Area. This feature transcribes each speaker’s audio so a wider audience can enjoy your content.

Product tips and best practices

Check out this month’s featured tips on how you can use Hopin to create best-in-class experiences. 

  • Become a Hopin App Store power user: Tap into our app store to access all our partner applications and easily build them into your event. Want to configure and manage your apps? Once you log in, check out the Apps Dashboard through the “Apps” tab to see everything you’ve installed.
  • Boost registration and conversion: Use the Hopin Registration suite in combination with Canvas, Hopin’s no-code website builder, to provide registrants with a seamless registration experience. Easily create a drag-and-drop, custom-branded website on Canvas, add a custom URL, and use the new Quick Registration embeddable widget to drive all your traffic to one place.

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