Monthly Product Update: March 2022

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Our March product updates will drive success for your hybrid events, give you new ways to engage with your audience, and ensure that every event you throw is unforgettable. Read on for a rundown on our latest product updates and some information on how you can start using these updates today.

In this roundup:

Experience the new world of hybrid events at Hopin

Create immersive and interactive experiences

Give attendees more ways to network

Enhance your event experience

Provide more access to events

Experience the new world of hybrid events at Hopin

As the world starts to see a rise in hybrid events, so does the complexity to plan and run one. We at Hopin recognize that, and we’re excited to provide a platform that can help event organizers evolve to meet the changing needs.

We have now launched some incredible hybrid functionality available natively on the Hopin platform to help you run your hybrid events seamlessly.

These hybrid capabilities allow for:

  • Full integration: Effortlessly plan your hybrid event and reach multiple audiences from one platform.
  • Connected experience: Interactive chats, polls, and networking are now available for all attendees whether they’re joining in person or virtually.
  • Next-generation check-in: Easily check in and track attendees at the in-person venue.

We have more hybrid capabilities planned to release in the next few months –– stay tuned! 

Create immersive and interactive experiences

Introducing the App Area, a new way for attendees to interact with your event and one another. With this new functionality, you can now embed select partner apps into your next Hopin event using a full iframe format. The App Area gives each attendee the ability to use their camera and microphone so they can feel fully immersed in your event.

With the App Area, organizers can:

  • Create virtual spaces for breakouts, networking events, expo halls, after parties, and more.
  • Capture video content from attendees, including testimonials and introductions. Then, share the videos to social media or with your event audience.
  • Provide engaging ways to interact through installations like games, photo mosaics, and photo booths.
  • Aggregate social buzz and display the results in real-time during your event in an interactive format.

To explore and install partner apps for the App Area, check out our App Store.

Give attendees more ways to network

The new People Area is the ultimate destination for one-on-one attendee interaction. With this release organizers can now:

  • Help pair attendees based on interests
  • Allow attendees to search, filter, and receive personalized recommendations on who to meet, making it easy to connect with people

For details about the new People Area, read more here

Enhance your event experience

We have several product updates that create a smoother experience for attendees and organizers alike.

Event organizers can now:

  • Include descriptions with Replay recordings so registrants have more detail when viewing on-demand videos
  • Adjust polls for better results by editing unanswered polls and extending polls access to admins or booth vendors

Event attendees can now:

Provide more access to events

Virtual and hybrid events can help you reach new audiences. With our new Ai-media application, you can implement English and multi-language captions to help attendees experience the full value of your content, no matter what language they speak. 

Get early access to Hopin product updates

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