Monthly Product Update: June 2022

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Welcome back to another edition of Hopin’s monthly product update. We have a ton of great features to share with you to power your virtual and hybrid events. Read on for a rundown of our latest product updates and to learn more about how you can start using them today.

In this roundup:

Make event sessions more interactive

Extend your event in the moment

Engage audiences with the Captello application

Product tips and best practices

Make event sessions more interactive

Having multiple sessions within an event gives you the power to cover a variety of content and creates more intimate spaces for attendees to engage with one another. We’ve made some significant improvements to the Sessions event area this month.

Now you can have up to 50 people sharing their audio and video in a session This is particularly useful if you’re hosting roundtables, open Q&A sessions, workshops, and other types of experiences that require multiple attendees to interact with one another.

Up to 16 participants will be on screen at one time. As people talk, they’ll become visible so everyone knows who’s speaking. You can also share your screen during these sessions and participants can remain on stage while you’re screen sharing.

Extend your event in the moment

Is your event content running a bit long? Want to keep the conversation going?

Organizers now have the ability to extend an event up to 15 minutes. As an organizer, you’ll receive a notification 5 minutes prior to your scheduled event end time. From there, you can choose to extend your event by up to 15 extra minutes.

Other event administrators will also be notified. No need to scramble to wrap up when the event content is still going strong.

Engage audiences with the Captello application

We’ve partnered with Captello to offer a new application to use in your Hopin events.

Captello's intuitive activation builder makes it quick and easy to add games and activations to any event experience. With Captello, you can:

  • Add customizable, branded games and forms to your experiences for increased participation opportunities and insights
  • Incentivize participation with rewards and prizes from Captello’s Rewards Center
  • Motivate teams and level up meetings with interactive games and activations

This application also uses Hopin’s App Area, which provides immersive experiences for your audience and allows audience members to interact with one another using their cameras and microphones. Captello is now available on the Hopin App Store for all Hopin plans.

Product tips and best practices

Check out this month’s featured tips on how you can use Hopin to create best-in-class experiences. 

  • Tap into the App Area: Maybe you want to host a virtual happy hour on the beach, or capture testimonials from attendees during your event. It’s all possible with the App Area, which gives attendees more ways to interact with your event and network with one another. The App Area provides a designated space for compatible applications and allows attendees to provide access to their cameras and microphones so they can interact. Check out the App Area applications.
  • Create an event faster than ever: Our new Quickstart Templates make it easy to build and configure events. Simply choose the event type you’re interested in, such as a webinar or trade show, and we’ll guide you through the set-up process. Hopin customers will now be able to see template options when they create a new event. If you’re not a current customer, you can see the templates in action when you start a free trial.
  • Enhance your event networking: The ability for attendees to form meaningful connections is at the heart of top-notch events. We recently added the ability for event organizers to offer attendees the chance to identify their interests so they can easily find and connect with like-minded people. Organizers who’ve used this new functionality are seeing a significant increase in the number of networking meetings, direct messages, and overall networking activity. Learn how to set up interests and enhance your event networking.

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