Monthly Product Update: April 2022

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We’re back with a new set of product enhancements to help make your events easier to set up and more impactful in the long-run. Read on for a rundown of our latest product updates and learn more about how you can start using them today.

In this roundup:

Streamline the event creation process

Schedule attendee communications in advance

Add customization to increase registration

Create hybrid events with Hopin

Streamline the event creation process 

Staring at a blank canvas is often the most daunting part of starting a new project. The tools are there, but until inspiration strikes it can be hard to figure out the best way to use them.

Hopin is a powerful and flexible blank canvas, of sorts –– a platform that gives event organizers the ability to create a variety of experiences. But sometimes you need that extra guidance to get started. That’s why we’ve made a few updates that serve to streamline event creation.

Get a head start with event templates

When you set up an event in Hopin, you can now select a template based on the type of event you’re organizing.

Quickstart Templates are available for webinars, internal events, meet-ups, and more. All of them will guide you through the set-up process and provide a checklist of necessary activities. A simplified event creation dashboard also highlights only the areas you need for your event type.

With Quickstart Templates, organizers can:

  • Choose from a variety of templates and experience a simplified event set-up process.
  • Branch out into new event types with confidence.

Edit your schedule more efficiently

Say goodbye to excel sheets and hello to the new Table View in Hopin’s schedule builder. This interactive view, along with additional functionality, will enable you to streamline your schedule building process and edit schedules at scale.

With these enhancements, organizers can:

  • Tap into Table View –– Hopin’s new interactive schedule builder –– to quickly make amends to a schedule and edit key schedule elements inline.
  • Add new schedule items using the “quick add” button.
  • Bulk select and duplicate entire schedules or specific segments.
  • Designate schedule segments as App Area segments.
  • Create cleaner schedules by assigning multiple sessions to one schedule segment. This is especially useful if your event has different tracks happening concurrently.

Schedule attendee communications in advance

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Planning and preparation are in event organizers’ DNA. After all, successful events tend to have a plan –– and a back-up plan –– for just about everything.

This month’s release features a few more ways to prep for an event with the new ability to schedule attendee emails and polls. That’s one less thing to worry about on event day.

Email scheduling

Schedule emails in advance through Hopin’s campaign manager. This new feature allows you to better plan your email communications down to the send date and time.

With email scheduling, organizers can:

  • Save valuable time by scheduling emails ahead of an event.
  • Easily set the date and time for delivery of each email.

Poll scheduling

Polls can help support interaction at an event. This month, Hopin’s poll functionality has been extended, making it easier to tap into this tactic.

With poll scheduling, organizers can:

  • Designate admins that are able to edit polls directly from the event view.
  • Draft polls that are only visible to poll admins.
  • Schedule polls in advance or during the event.

Add customization to increase registration

Every experience is different. With that in mind, we continue to add more ways for you to customize events. The following features add branding capabilities and boost flexibility in the attendee registration process.

Custom domains

A strong brand identity is an essential part of creating a cohesive event experience. We’ve added new functionality so you can extend that identity to your domain and make it easier for your audience to recognize and remember.

With custom domains, organizers can:

  • Set up a custom domain for an event in a few simple steps.
  • Deepen event branding during the registration process. 

Custom forms exporting improvements

We’ve revamped custom forms to eliminate the need for manual work and provide a streamlined way to export to third-party tools.

With custom forms exporting improvements, organizers can:

  • Streamline event data among existing business tools with custom questions at the organization level instead of the event level, allowing answers to custom questions to be consolidated across multiple events.
  • Avoid having to recreate duplicate questions for each event or manually migrate registration information to existing business tools.
  • Map and export custom questions from Hopin to custom activities in Marketo.

Create hybrid events with Hopin

In March 2022, we released new hybrid features so you can create events that span the virtual and in-person experiences. Now, the Hopin hybrid experience continues to evolve with our latest feature around floor plans.

With this new feature, organizers can:

  • Upload venue floor plans via the event dashboard so attendees can easily navigate the physical event.

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