Presenting Studio by StreamYard: Produce Professional Video for Your Hopin Event

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Virtual events can take many forms and serve a wide range of use cases.

In spite of that variety, event organizers from all over the world share one common objective: to delight your audience by creating memorable experiences.

Among the most impactful ways to shape your overall event experience is video—the format at the heart of online events.

From a live broadcast to an audience of thousands, to a breakout session with multiple speakers on-screen, to 1-on-1 networking, video is what unlocks the immersive and multifaceted experience of virtual events.

This is why video has been a major focus of Hopin’s work—a commitment exemplified by our acquisition of the live streaming service StreamYard.

Loved by millions of individuals and teams, StreamYard makes it easy to create professional live video content, with elements like graphics and split-screen interviews.

Now, we are pleased to announce that organizers will be able to use StreamYard to produce professional video content for Hopin events.

To try Studio by StreamYard, select Hopin Backstage, powered by StreamYard

Starting today, Hopin customers on any of our plans will have access to a backstage Studio, powered by StreamYard, which you can use to elevate the quality of your video content for areas like Stages and Sessions.

Organizers will be able to enhance event experience with native access to the technology which enabled more than 10 million broadcasts in the last year.

Professional, branded live video content

Easily apply colors, graphics, and split-screens to your event video content

Live events represent a huge and frequently missed opportunity to consistently promote an organization’s brand.

With Studio by StreamYard, organizers will now have several customizable options to craft branded video.

Hopin customers can now add brand colors, logos, themes, and backgrounds to your event video content.

You can also mix live and pre-recorded video content—such as sponsor videos, title rolls, and interviews—as well as incorporate relevant slides or graphics.

In addition to helping create brand consistency, elements like these also help to boost the production value of your content, so you maintain your brand equity.

Ultimately, these give organizers greater control over your event content—so that you are able to shape their event experience and drive audience participation.

Engage your event audience

Backstage, organizer view of Studio by StreamYard

Events are about engagement—empowering your audience to participate in real time.

With Studio by StreamYard, organizers can now monitor audience comments and questions during a live presentation, allowing you to keep a finger on the pulse.

Even more, it allows you to pull comments and questions from the Hopin event chat into your broadcast, as an on-screen graphic.

Attendees want to take part in the event, want their voices to be heard. By displaying audience feedback in your stream—to the full audience—not only do you encourage further engagement and enrich your event with additional perspectives, you also stimulate greater brand affinity, by demonstrating to attendees that you are listening to their ideas and taking them into account.

As Manu Quirós, from Shamanes Production, says:

"Having StreamYard as a backstage on Hopin is like having a little TV switcher—easy to use, easy to set up, with powerful branding options and the ability to start and stop the broadcast to check audio with speakers and panelists, screen shares, and so on. We love having this directly in Hopin."

How to start using Studio by StreamYard

Starting today, all Hopin events will include the option to use StreamYard as the backstage capability.

To learn more about Studio by StreamYard, including how to take advantage of this new integration, visit the Studio by StreamYard page and read our knowledge base article.

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