Why Wait? It’s Time to Level Up Your Next Internal Event

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Level up your next internal event with Hopin

The future of internal events has finally arrived.

​​The era of remote work is here to stay – with an estimated 82% of us able to continue working from home, fully or partially. So, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that we are partaking in more online events and meetings than ever before.

But, this statistic might surprise you… Did you know that 11 million video meetings happen everyday, and over half of them are internal?

Internal events and meetings are a critical way companies operate today, given their massive impact on the employee experience, corporate culture, and the bottom-line, such as:

  • Decreased staff turnover: Low levels of retention come at a huge cost – replacing an employee carries a price tag that’s at least 2X higher than their annual salary. But, there’s also some good news: By participating in internal events – which foster a true sense of belonging and community – 54% of employees cite they will stay in their roles longer, as a result.
  • Increased employee engagement: 85% of today’s workforce is disengaged, which costs a whopping $7 trillion dollars in lost productivity, according to Gallup. Meanwhile, organizations with high levels of employee engagement are more profitable, experience less turnover, and generate more earnings per share comparatively. And, one of today’s biggest culprits for low employee engagement: lackluster company events and meetings...

Say goodbye to lackluster internal events

Whether it’s a weekly all-hands, departmental discussion, a sales kick-off, a quarterly business review (QBR), a corporate culture-centric celebration or employee recognition event, onboarding and training new recruits, and even board meetings or investor pitch sessions, internal events and meetings are the best way to share real-time information, collaborate, connect, and get to know one another. Now that we live in a distributed, remote work-dominated world, we rely heavily on incredible video technology that connects us to our colleagues with a single click. Yet, despite the technological advancements that have brought us to this moment, the way we use online meeting and event technology still has a long way to go.

Does this sound familiar?

  1. Event reminder dings 📆
  2. Scramble to find the video link 🔍
  3. Quick glance in the mirror - "Is my hair under control?" 🪞👀
  4. Camera on ✅
  5. Microphone muted 🔇
  6. Wait patiently while everyone’s video rectangle pops up on-screen ⏳
  7. Spend the first 5 minutes small talking it up - This week, Jim shares with us how he did at his marathon (he did great!), and Karen’s cat makes a playful appearance on her keyboard (as usual). 🏃🐱
  8. Internal event actually gets started 🎬

Wondering why this feels so familiar? It’s because we’ve been doing this over and over (and over) again for EVERY internal event and meeting we’ve attended ​​for at least the last 2 years or so, if not longer. So, take a quick second to clear your mind… and now imagine a world, wherein internal events don’t have to follow the same boring format. Next, envision what it would be like if your employees actually looked forward to your next internal event or meeting… The reality you’re picturing has finally arrived.

Use Hopin for internal events that help your teams feel closer

Want to take your internal events to the next level? Use the Hopin virtual venue you know and love, not only for just your big external events and conferences, but for ALL of your internal events. With our new per user, per year pricing*, you can take advantage of all the great features of Hopin to run any number or type of internal events you choose. Internal events that help your employees to feel closer mean:

  • Transforming your next company all-hands into a high-production show: Rather than boring your employees with the same tired slide deck being presented last week and every week prior, with Hopin, you can also incorporate beautiful graphics, like lower thirds visuals, scrolling banners, and animated overlays to engage your employees. But, wait; there’s more…! You also can include music or video to energize and set the mood, create a television-quality program using our built-in StreamYard high-definition broadcast, and run your event, like a pro, using our feature-rich backstage area where you can bring on and take off speakers with ease.
  • Engaging your employees through socially-driven interactions: We’ve all been on that same all-hands call, where only the speaker can talk at a time, and everyone is stuck just listening passively (or half-listening, making coffee in the other room, or the like). With Hopin, you can leverage pre-built app integrations, like Miro, Slido, and Kahoot, to foster live brainstorming sessions, run real-time polls, and gamify your events with contests, trivia, and more. And, Hopin’s built-in interactivity capabilities, like session chat, Q&A, upvoting, GIFs, emojis, tagging, likes, and more, ensure that your internal chat’s GIF game is always lit.
run engaging company events with Hopin
  • Feeling closer and connected to one another with built-in networking: We’re all living in a distributed world, where we can all feel a little bit too disconnected. Help your employees form great working relationships with their peers by using Hopin’s one-on-one, randomized networking, where employees can be automatically placed into a round of “three-minute networking roulette.” This allows your internal team to meet and get to know co-workers, some of whom they may have never talked to before. And, if your employees want more time to connect, they can also easily extend their networking session to continue their conversation by clicking a single button.
  • Uncovering engagement metrics = better events = happier employees: Unlike other video conferencing software, when you use Hopin for your internal events, you get access to built-in analytics, such as the percentage of attendees that engaged during the session, the most popular chat topics and comments, the number of person-to-person connections made, and so much more. With access to all of the event data and reporting you need, you’ll easily be able to understand what areas of your event your employees enjoyed and engaged with the most. Armed with these insights, you can continue to fine-tune and optimize the experience for future events. But, don’t just take our word for it – see how GitLab used Hopin to create an interactive company-wide event.
  • Memorializing your internal event to extend the value of the experience: A lot of work and important resources go into bringing internal events, like sales-kickoffs (SKOs), all-hands, quarterly business reviews, and the like, to life. So, don’t let this valuable content and experience go to waste. Rather than have your event become an ephemeral memory, you can keep it evergreen with Hopin’s video storing and editing capabilities. Hopin will store your content for on-demand viewing in the Expo area to make it easy for your employees to access recordings even after the event concludes. Take it a step further by including fun interactive areas, such as a photo booth where your employees can snap a themed picture of themselves enjoying the experience to keep as a momento.

If you’re ready to take your internal events to the next level and elevate your employee experience, it’s all about having the right platform to equip you for success. And, there’s no other platform that makes running engaging, valuable, and memorable internal events easier than Hopin. Contact Sales to get started today!

*Please note: Hopin’s user-based pricing for internal events is only available for customers on paid Business or Enterprise plans.

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