Unveiling StreamYard Business: Video for the Enterprise

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Video is the beating heart of online communication and connection.

Over the last year, people and businesses across the world were able to carry on with life and work—despite unprecedented disruption—thanks largely to platforms, online tools, and apps anchored by video.

In our view, video is the most powerful, most human way to reach and engage people at scale.

That is why Hopin has prioritized video innovation—acquiring leading video technology companies such as StreamYard, Streamable, and Jamm, and building the team that will imagine and bring about the next generation of video.

Today is one of many milestones on that journey—as we announce StreamYard Business and expand Hopin’s enterprise-level product offering.

Live streaming and video creation for business

The market leader in live streaming, StreamYard has built a devoted customer base of 3.6 million individuals and small teams.

Our easy-to-use online studio has empowered creators to produce professional live video content for their online audiences across social and owned channels—videos that have generated billions of views.

Now, with StreamYard Business, we are unveiling a new tier of live streaming and video creation tools, designed for enterprise organizations.

As more organizations adopt live streaming as a way to grow brand awareness, cultivate community, and drive growth, they will need solutions that are reliable, secure, flexible, collaborative, and—above all—easy to use.

StreamYard Business is conceived to do just that—making it easy for teams to produce professional live video content, no matter your resources:

  • Fully branded live streams with logos, banners, and overlays
  • Easy guest interviews and slide sharing
  • Ability to show audience comments on-screen for real-time engagement
  • Content distribution (including multistreaming) to social media channels
  • Ability to stream pre-recorded video content for added control
  • Team-based collaboration tools
  • Secure storage for video and audio recordings
  • Dedicated customer strategy and support

StreamYard Business is designed to help organizations better manage and scale video content creation via collaborative workspaces.

It’s the easiest way for organizations with larger teams to create and deliver video content together.

To request a demo, visit the StreamYard website.

Expanding Hopin’s enterprise-level product offering

Today, Hopin is synonymous with virtual events.

However, as CEO Johnny Boufarhat described in our Series C announcement, our vision is to build the future of shared experiences.

That encompasses events—but also the many other ways in which people and businesses will communicate, collaborate, and connect in the years to come.

As video content only grows in importance, the launch of StreamYard Business is one more step in our endeavor to provide the essential products that will pull that future of shared experiences closer.

Hopin is a multi-product company—and with StreamYard Business, we are expanding our product offering for midmarket and enterprise-level organizations.

For current customers of our event products, StreamYard Business will provide a new and impactful way to reach and engage brand audiences, as well as build and nurture communities—through professional live video content.

In recent years, individual creators have used live video to do exactly that on channels like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.

Now, businesses are also discovering the power of live video content:

  • More views and engagement: In an on-demand world, live video generates the urgency and FOMO of a transient experience—resulting in more views and engagement than any other content format.

    For instance, live video content garners 24x more comments on LinkedIn and 10x more interactions on Facebook than regular native video (the next most impactful format).
  • Real-time audience interaction: Live video content transforms the nature of audience engagement—by opening a synchronous two-way dialogue.

    In other words, brand followers can comment, ask questions, and share ideas during a live stream—and brand presenters can answer in real time.

    Not only does this access motivate greater audience participation—which has major down-funnel benefits—it also helps build affinity and loyalty for a brand.
  • Authenticity and credibility: Gone are the days of super slick, flawless TV spots. Today’s zeitgeist is one of transparency and authenticity. (Consider TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat, and YouTube vlogs.)

    As a format, live video is more direct—allowing brands to humanize themselves, build trust, and deepen relationships with their audiences.
Learn more and get started on the StreamYard website.

In addition to our video products, customers of our event products will soon enjoy the power of StreamYard as we roll out Studio by StreamYard as the new backstage experience.

Studio by StreamYard will give event producers the ability to quickly and easily enhance the production value of live streams within Hopin events with branded graphics, layouts, and more.

The age of video

Video now accounts for 82% of global web traffic.

Given that reality, more and more brands are adopting video as a fundamental tool to communicate and build relationships with their audiences.

Live streaming—the fastest growing segment of online video—is core to that story.

Live streaming has grown in importance as a technology that enables solutions like video conferencing and virtual events, but also as a stand-alone format for content.

With StreamYard Business, our goal is to help organizations harness the power and possibility of video and live streaming.

And it is another step in our ongoing efforts to build the next generation of video technology—and, with it, the future of shared experiences.

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