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Discovering the best events, whether they’re conferences, workshops, or job fairs, has always been somewhat of a challenge. There are so many places you can find things to do! But since events are operating differently (and virtually) you might not find events in the same way you did before. You aren’t checking your email for that list of events nearby, or seeing signage at your favorite venue for the lineup of classes that week.

Things are different, but as we’ve moved to a virtual venue, one huge constraint gets lifted – we are no longer limited to certain events based on our location. This opens up all sorts of options because now you have access to discover things to do and connect with others globally.

At Hopin Explore, our mission is to give you a space to join the conversations and the events that matter most to you, regardless of where you’re located. Hopin Explore gives you the opportunity to browse over 15,000 virtual events created every month spanning every topic under the sun. Interested in the future of healthcare? The Wall Street Journal has an event for that. Want to learn about how technology is evolving in the music industry? We’ve got you covered. Or maybe you’re interested in a day of mental health and wellness immersion!


We’ve made it easy for you to search, scroll, and discover whatever tickles your fancy, even if it’s karaoke (we don’t judge). You can search for something specific or check out our most popular / best selling events. You can filter your search to free events or check out  a mix of free and paid events. And if you want a recommendation, make your way over to Hopin’s Picks for a few curated options by our very own Hopineers.

If you’re hosting an event with Hopin and want to promote your event to a wider audience, Hopin Explore is here for you. By making your event Public, it will be discoverable (and may even be featured) on Hopin Explore. Make sure to also add tags in your event via your Hopin dashboard - tags ensure your events are discoverable and searchable.

Ready to explore some events happening on Hopin Explore in the next month? Here are 5 upcoming events worth checking out:

#1 Ladies Who Launch Virtual Summit

This nonprofit celebrates and empowers women entrepreneurs around the globe and their 2020 Virtual Summit will include two days of virtual programming including fireside chats, entrepreneurial networking sessions, workshops, and keynote addresses to help women-led companies of all sizes and stages share their advice and network with one another.

#2 Running Remote Online

On November 18th entrepreneurs and tech leaders from across the globe will gather to share business insights and learn the strategies for managing distributed teams from acknowledged experts and prominent remote-industry leaders. Join the 1,000+ attendees for 11 hours of top-class content with live Q&As, networking and an expo.

#3 Postman Galaxy 2020

Postman’s virtual user conference will gather the world’s most enthusiastic API builders, testers, managers, and executives for a rocketload of action-packed online event activities and content about all things API.

#4 Apidays LIVE PARIS

Apidays has organized its biggest event of the year to address the following ways in which APIs can help organizations be more aligned with their IT capabilities. And you don’t have to travel to Paris to attend (although Paris is great to check out independently of the event).


Women Who Code is the largest, most active community of technical women in the world, and their annual developer conference features great technical talks from industry leaders, experts, and peers. Included in the 3 days of programming will be an awards show to celebrate incredible engineers, and 24 hours of WWCode where you can contribute your lightning talk alongside technologists from around the world.

Event organizers who list their event publicly on Hopin Explore will see more reach, more revenue, and a larger audience for their events. By bringing together all public events hosted on Hopin, we are excited to make it simple and easy for our users to experience the future of events, on Hopin Explore.

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