Make an Impactful First Impression for Your Event with Hopin Canvas

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Introducing Canvas: Hopin's no-code event website builder with integrated registration

They say first impressions are everything ​​— which is why we built Hopin Canvas, our new no-code, custom website builder, to help you set the perfect stage for any type of event you are hosting.

We are excited to announce the official launch of Canvas, Hopin’s brand-new, no-code event website builder.

We know showcasing your brand, capturing your attendees’ attention, and making an impact right from the start are critical to overall event success. With Canvas, organizers are empowered to customize the look and feel of their event to their desired branding, and captivate attendees with their first click. As of today, we are pleased to share that Canvas is available for immediate use to customers on paid plans*.

Let’s dive into the specifics.

Introducing Canvas: Easily build beautiful, custom event websites without any code

What is Canvas?

Canvas is our new no-code website builder with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that will help you create stunning event pages in minutes to captivate your attendees. Organizers can now showcase their brand and customize every aspect of their event website with unparalleled speed and ease.

Canvas’ intuitive interface provides a robust set of features to enable organizers to tailor their event website to their exact needs — from adding in bold headers and highlighting speakers, to embedding a detailed schedule and giving attendees a full glimpse into all of the value your event has in store.

We know many event organizers don’t always have the time or resources to custom code a beautiful event website, which was our inspiration behind building Canvas. This new Hopin tool empowers organizers to stand up beautiful, informative, and attention-grabbing event websites with a few simple clicks.

To make it even easier to get started, we will guide you along the way by providing pre-built event website themes and layouts that make creating your page a breeze. And since time is of the essence, use our new seamless import feature to automatically sync any and all updates from the Hopin registration suite — in a single click.

Canvas is the one-stop-shop for effortlessly and quickly building an eye-catching event website.

Canvas makes building beautiful, custom events websites easy

What are the key features of Canvas?

  • Customizable pre-built themes: Canvas comes with four beautifully designed themes, with easy-to-modify website blocks, that are perfect for any event — from simple webinars to complex multi-day summits. Customers can choose from Starter Hub, Crosby, Hazel, and Nolan theme options, depending on their plan. From there, all aspects of the theme are fully customizable and can help showcase your company’s unique brand identity. Change the colors of the background, fonts, and buttons to make your new website pop.
  • Drag-and-drop design: Canvas’ drag-and-drop builder allows organizers to create stunning event websites without any code. Simply select from the variety of block types by dragging and dropping the desired sections into your event website. Easily play around with the layout by moving, replacing, or deleting blocks with a few simple clicks. Preview your site before publishing to see your unique creation come to life.
  • Beautiful on any device: Your event website should always look great, regardless of the device its visitors are using. With Canvas, we made responsive design a top priority to ensure your event website dazzles on any device. Whether guests are surfing the website at home or on-the-go, Canvas will automatically adjust to display perfectly on any computer, laptop, mobile, or tablet device, so attendees can access your event website anytime and from anywhere.
  • One-click data import: Organizers have a million things to juggle when putting on an event, but with Canvas, constantly implementing changes to the event website won’t be one of them. Hopin users can save time by simply making any needed changes in one centralized location (within the Event Dashboard) and with one click, seamlessly import these changes into their Canvas-powered website in real-time.
  • Wide selection of block types: Let your creativity run wild by mixing and matching the different block types, or commonly used website sections, that Canvas has to offer. Organizers can set up their event website in a multitude of ways without one website ever looking the same as another. Utilize the different block types, such as the Navigation Bar, Speakers Block, Sponsors Block, and more to customize your website. With Canvas’s intuitive drag-and-drop design, add as many, or as few, blocks as you need to make your event a success.

Generate excitement and interest for your event using Canvas

Whether you’re running an online, hybrid, or in-person event, Canvas can help you stand out. 

Once the initial set up is complete on your Event Dashboard, let your creativity flow with your new, beautifully designed, event website. Tell the story behind your event and showcase what guests will gain if they attend.

Go a step further by augmenting your event website with captivating images, sizzle videos, surprise speakers, and exclusive meet-and-greet opportunities in minutes.

See Canvas, Hopin's no-code event website builder in-action

See how RAO Global let their brand shine through using Canvas

Darren Warburton from RAO Global has been using Canvas for several months now. He describes it as, “spot on" and easy to use.

Darren goes on to note, “I like how there are different theme options, and you can change the colors to fit your brand.” He used Canvas for RAO Global’s Europe 2021 virtual event coming up in October.

With Hopin Canvas, we aim to provide a robust set of features to ensure your brand is front and center for guests, who land on your event website.

Use Canvas to select from themes that make sense for your story and save you time with upfront website creation. From there, adjust every aspect of the website from colors and fonts to placement of blocks.

See for yourself how quick and easy it is to create a stunning, custom website for your next event –– just like Darren did.

Hopin client's Canvas event website example

Customers on paid plans can start using Canvas today within the Registration dashboard.

Not currently on a paid plan? Connect with us to request a demo of Canvas today, and learn how you can take your event websites to new heights.

*Please note that Hopin Canvas is only available to customers on paid plans. If you are currently on the free plan, please upgrade in order to use Canvas.

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