4 Ways to Use Hopin Data in HubSpot to Maximize Event ROI

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How to boost event marketing ROI with HubSpot and Hopin

Hopin has been connected to HubSpot since the very beginning, as members of the HubSpot for Startups program. Using HubSpot’s sales and marketing platform, Hopin grew and supported more organizations in reimagining the future of events.

By committing to remote-first event workflows, integrating with key partners, and filling gaps in the market, we’ve been able to support tens of thousands of event organizers to provide people-centric experiences. HubSpot has helped us grow, and it helps our users grow, too.

Boost Event ROI using HubSpot and Hopin Integration

“After a few months of utilizing Hopin, I'm not sure how we'd live without it! Because of the pandemic, our strategy has shifted to 100% virtual for the time being. Hopin provides us with the perfect platform (with a large variety of integrations) to host incredible events,” says Margaret Shaeffer, Head of Field Marketing & Events at LinearB.

“The data internally available is mind-blowing - the detail is more than we expected. The customizable user experience is great,” she adds.

Benefits of an Integrated Event Marketing Platform

The Hopin Integration with HubSpot helps marketing and sales teams, sales operations teams, and event teams to:

  1. Sync Hopin event registration and attendance data to the HubSpot CRM automatically, in real-time.
  2. Personalize automated event messaging using Hopin data.
  3. Incorporate event data into marketing and sales workflows.

The data benefits go both ways, too. HubSpot data can help identify engaged segments within certain industries or demographics for event invitations, and Hopin data can uncover segments to send marketing materials or have sales follow up with.

And with automated data transfer, event teams can feel confident that registrants aren’t receiving duplicate communications or incorrect information, improving the attendee experience. It’s a real win-win-win.

Here are four ways to optimize event operations using the Hopin integration with HubSpot.

4 Ways to Use Hopin Data in HubSpot to Maximize Event ROI

The event industry in 2021 looks a lot different than it did in 2019. In 2022, there is a new horizon ahead for events. Just like Hopin was created to level the playing field for all event attendees and provide more opportunities to connect through live events online, events will continue to evolve to be more inclusive and more effective by incorporating smarter tech.

Data from the Hopin State of Events in 2021 showed that the biggest challenges and concerns for event organizers this year are attendance rates, regulations for in-person events, and safety. With this in mind, virtual and hybrid events will be the primary event types in 2022, which rely on event technology and managing digital registration efficiently.

Other major challenges for event organizers are engagement and access to reliable event technology — which can be solved using Hopin with HubSpot and other integrations to host virtual and hybrid events.

1. Automatically send new Hopin registrants to the HubSpot CRM as new contacts.

When Hopin is connected to the HubSpot CRM, net new registrants are automatically added as contacts and records are de-duplicated in the HubSpot system.

“The Hopin integration with HubSpot eliminates the need for users to rely on manual downloads and uploads to make sure their data is accurate and up-to-date. It’s completely automated.” -Nicholas Beard, Strategic Partnerships, Hopin

Additionally, the integration allows users to run all their email communication through HubSpot, accessing branded templates, smart modules, and other HubSpot email features.

2. Segment HubSpot contacts and send targeted Hopin event invitations right from your HubSpot portal.

The integration also easily allows HubSpot users to group existing contacts by location, interests, activities, demographics, company size, industry, or any other HubSpot contact properties. Then, they can invite segments to Hopin events from HubSpot, no need to export and import contact lists.

Organizers often collect registrations in various ways and sometimes it happens outside of their online registration platform. This feature allows existing HubSpot contacts to be grouped together and added as invitees into Hopin without having them register manually.

Hopin and Hubspot integrated data improves event marketing

3. Update attendee event status in HubSpot in real-time and improve engagement with events.

When attendees engage with events, this information is updated in HubSpot in real-time. This includes event status changes like registering for the event, attending the event, or cancelling registration.

Having attendee status updates pass through to HubSpot in real-time allows users to send the right post-event campaign messaging based on their actions, increasing response rates and engagement.

Use attendee data to improve event ROI and engagement

4. Use Hopin data in HubSpot marketing and sales workflows.

Using event data is the perfect warm introduction to re-engage with marketing and sales contacts. For those who engaged the most during events, follow up with a promotion or giveaway that incorporates a social media campaign.

Connect with sales to find out which high quality leads have registered for an event to encourage them to attend, and chat with them after.

Maximize registrations and attendance at your next Hopin event

HubSpot and Hopin Help Teams Prove Event ROI

Hopin and HubSpot data and reporting makes it easier to prove the ROI for events. Connect engaged contacts with their company profile in the HubSpot CRM to find out which events have brought in top accounts. Or, connect marketing campaigns with event success to optimize content marketing spend for the best-performing channels.

You may find out that your promotional email to a targeted HubSpot list was more successful than your paid ads.

Use event data and analytics to drive ROI

Resources for Event Teams using Hopin with HubSpot to Improve Event Strategy:

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