Hopin’s New Look

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You've probably noticed the new look on the Hopin website—new logo, new branding, new product screenshots. We decided to update our website because we wanted to share more of our story with the world. We're excited to show you what we've been working on.

Why the new look?

In the simplest terms, we’ve changed because we’ve grown, both as a product and as a company. In February, we had eight team members; today, we have more than fifty-five team members working all over the world. We’ve redesigned our event application and expanded our features, extending not only the capabilities of Hopin events, but also the impact.

As we rapidly approach one million users registered for Hopin events, we felt it was time for our brand to evolve with our growth.

The new look — unopinionated yet elegant

At Hopin, we have a word we like to use to describe our approach to product design: unopinionated. It's not a very flashy word, but that's because Hopin isn't supposed to be very flashy. Hopin is the venue in the background, the canvas upon which organizers create their art. The best way to do this for a vast selection of events, we try to remove our opinion about what your event should look like. It's your event. Our goal is to give you the modern tools and medium to build it. As your event venue, it's important for us to stand by you and support your successful events without getting in the way.

With that base ethos, let's chat about some of the specifics of our new look.

The new logo — connecting the world

The new Hopin Logo is bolder, more structured and connecting. Each shape represents an individual, and Hopin is uniting them together which demonstrates our commitment to bringing people together accessibly and sustainably.

The trustful colors — as a reliable and supportive companion


We wanted to represent the pioneering capacity of Hopin as a reliable and powerful tool. The new gradient is designed to tell the Hopin story in a way that feels true to the brand: consistent, trustworthy and convincing.

New visual system — unbiased voice


Like other branding projects, we have gone through a lot of iterations. When we had almost finished the website in the direction of using illustration, we've realized that the illustration itself caused a bias regardless of the visual style. While we were thinking about how to create a beautiful website that didn't reflect much of our voice, we thought why not use the product UIs? Then you might think, "So cliche, isn’t it what every software company is doing?" The answer is yes and no. To serve both attendees and organizers, we designed the website to be unified with the product for a more seamless transition. The result is a subtle tincture of clean design and elegance.

The font Larsseit and Inter — it's about people


Hopin is about no-frills, objective, and people. Larsseit and Inter UI emphasize cleanliness, readability and objectivity. We want to instill confidence in our customers, while showing off modern creativity. Both of these sans serif fonts demonstrate a straight-forward, simple, and unbiased attitude

This is more than just a new beginning.

We evolved and look different, but we have the same mindset as when we started Hopin. Events for all—without limits. Every day, we're energized to keep pushing those limits by the creativity of our organizers—we're seeing innovative ideas in some events that we didn't even expect! Thank you for inspiring us, as we strive to keep inspiring you.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of reimagining virtual events. We're excited about this next chapter of our story and we can’t wait to show you everything else we have planned.

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