Extend the Life Cycle of Your Event With Hopin Replay

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What do people remember after an event ends?

As event professionals, we always hope attendees recall every detail. But ultimately one of the main things that sticks is the event content: that speaker who fueled a fire, that collaborative activity that sparked new connections, or that session that became a “lightbulb moment.”

So, wouldn’t it be helpful if you could extend the life of your event content for those who showed up (and those who couldn’t make it)?

That’s where Hopin Replay comes in.

Hopin Replay provides easy access to on-demand recordings up to one year after an event has ended –– it’s a new way to make the most of your event content.

Say goodbye to downloading, uploading, and managing multiple software platforms just to get your content in front of attendees and no-shows. Now, all your event content is right in Hopin, so any event registrant can filter content by event area or date and watch recordings when it’s convenient for them.

Getting your event content to go the extra mile

During an event, content consumption reaches its peak. Attendees are tuned in, the chat is on 🔥, and speakers are commanding the room –– be it physical or virtual.

But once the event is over, that content consumption drops –– and you’re sitting on a treasure trove of recordings and other assets.

The event content gap

Hopin Replay helps extend the value of your event by bridging that post-event content consumption gap. In short, it gives you a simple way to make all those recordings work harder against your goals and objectives –– long after the event is over.

Optimizing your event content workflow

If an event organizer wants to host an event recording externally, it typically requires multiple tech tools and many hours of work to download, edit, and upload content. Then, there’s the job of letting event registrants know the content is there for them to consume.

The demands on event organizers’ time only increase as an event grows in scope.

Hopin Replay simplifies this workflow and cuts down on the time it takes to give registrants a high-quality on-demand experience.

Let’s take a look at how it works. Event organizers can:

  • Enable recordings for the Stage and/or Sessions areas, so all recorded event segments can be stored in the Hopin recording library.
  • View all recordings in the library and select which ones to publish to the Replay area.
  • Trim the start or end of recordings directly in Hopin, making it easy to remove audio or video checks as well as other extraneous pieces at the beginning or end of each recording.
  • Rename recordings so attendees can identify different pieces of event content.
  • Decide when the Replay area will be accessible to event registrants. (Attendees will get an automatic email notification when the post-event Replay area is available.)
  • Access reports to understand how each piece of content is performing.

Unlock more event value with Hopin Replay

In Hopin Replay, event registrants can catch up on missed content or rewatch favorite segments on demand.

Hopin Replay takes the post-event experience to the next level, unlocking increased value.

But it’s only the first step. Our team is always working to help you get the most out of your event –– even after it’s over. Stay tuned for future developments.

See Hopin Replay in action

Join us on Wednesday, March 30th for The Post-Event Goldmine: Extract More ROI After the Show Ends. Hopin product leaders will demo Hopin Replay. You'll also hear from two customers on how they've leveraged content, analytics, and driven results post-event. Don't miss out — register today!

Post-Event Replay is available on all paid plans.

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