If Your Conference Is Affected by Coronavirus, Let's Talk.

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Every day more events are canceled due to the impact of the coronavirus. First, it was MWC, then IDC, then Facebook’s F8, and now, as more travel bans and safety precautions are implemented, the list of event cancellations is growing even longer—and it shows no sign of stopping soon.

Events are critically important. For many organizations, your events represent your people and people are the most valuable component to anything. So when events get canceled, communities are affected, and the financial shockwaves of cancellations ripple through not only the organizer’s business but also through the global economy.

We want to help.

Instead of canceling your event, host it online. With Hopin.

Hopin is a live online video events platform that mirrors the experience of an in-person event almost exactly. There is live, face-to-face one-on-one networking, group breakout sessions, main stages, the backstage, expos, ticket registrations, recordings, multi-level chat, analytics, and more.

Think of Hopin as your online venue. The place where you can provide an interactive, face-to-face experience for your attendees for a few hours or over multiple days. In fact, Hopin can host up to 100,000 attendees in such a way that no one feels lost in the crowd but rather connected in the way they want to connect, whether that’s watching a keynote, socializing around a virtual roundtable, or meeting one-on-one.

As one can imagine, we are getting inundated with inquiries right now due to the coronavirus. While we are saddened, we are excited to give event producers a way to keep their events going and attendees a way to attend them. From Asia to LA, from business to government to education to tech to nonprofit, we are seeing an incredibly vibrant mix of interesting events, large and small, hosted on Hopin, happening now and over the coming months.

Now your event can be hosted on Hopin, too. We are opening up our early access platform with discounted pricing for everyone affected by the coronavirus. We hope that our platform can be used to keep your events going in an accessible and sustainable way — by bringing your event online and still achieving the interaction and engagement that in-person events provide — while keeping everyone safe at home.

Interested in seeing what Hopin can do? Join a group demo event on Hopin with our team.

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