Sustainable Events and EDM on Ep. 3 of Back of House LIVE

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How can event organizers make good on sustainability commitments?

Is there a Covid-safe way for event managers to come together to pull off a sprawling, multi-day event?

What does it take to run one of the world’s major EDM festivals?

It’s all in Episode 3 of “Back of House LIVE”Hopin’s original podcast for event professionals. Broadcast live on Hopin, the show reviews the latest ideas and happenings in the events industry, spotlights event innovators, and provides a venue for event managers to come together and connect.

Fireside chat with David Ireland (Winter Music Conference)

In the new episode, hosts Anthony Kennada (Hopin CMO) and Lauren Sommers (Hopin VP Corporate Marketing) interview David Ireland, Director of the Winter Music Conference.

Before Ultra Musical Festival and EDC, there was Winter Music Conference (WMC). It is a week-long electronic music gathering in south Florida that has been held almost every March since 1985. 

It is recognized as the premiere platform for electronic dance music, convening artists, DJ’s, record label executives, promoters, broadcasters, and media. Now a part of Ultra Music Festival, WMC still draws the biggest DJ’s and executives in the world.

This year, WMC went virtual, with David Ireland overseeing the transition. In his fireside chat, he walks listeners through what it takes to shift a large music conference to a fully virtual experience, how he and his team were approaching the production of the virtual event, and lots more.

Back of House LIVE Concert Series featuring DJ and recording artist Junior Sanchez

Episode 3 also includes an installment of the “Back of House LIVE” Concert Series, with Junior Sanchez, record producer, DJ, and music artist.

A music industry veteran operating Brobot Records, Junior has written for, produced, and remixed some of the biggest names in music, including Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Daft Punk (RIP), and Madonna.

Latest in event industry news


Though event managers want to be proactive about sustainability, many often rely on venues like the Moscone Center in San Francisco to shoulder the workload of hosting environmentally friendly events.

Now, event sustainability group isla has launched a membership and working group to solve the problem of environmental waste through promoting sustainable print

This new initiative will educate brands on sustainability best practices and enable them to take greater ownership over their sustainability commitments, specifically around recyclable materials.

Hybrid event command centers

Events are a collaborative undertaking. Virtual and hybrid gatherings provide major advantages by opening up events to larger audiences, but it takes a well-oiled event team to make good on the promise of these events.

Event managers can take inspiration from the team behind the American Geophysical Union’s annual meeting—comprising 13 days of thousands of sessions for 27,000 participants—which it hosted virtually.

To keep the event on track and free of hiccups, the team assembled a central, socially distanced command center where an in-person team of 11 people worked together for the duration of the event, to produce the hundreds of sessions.

Listen to Episode 3 of “Back of House LIVE”

For all this and more (including the musical stylings of one-man house band Juan Ariza), play Episode 3 on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Also, join us for a live taping of future episodes. You can follow our recording schedule on Hopin’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. “Back of House LIVE” is recorded before a live, remote audience on Hopin, using StreamYard.

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