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Zemax Envision Europe 2021

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Bernard Kress

Partner Optical Architect at Mixed Reality, Microsoft

Maxim Sukhoterin

Senior Manager, Dynaoptics

Ted Churlyaev

Director of Engineering, Dynaoptics

Vadim Vlahko

Director of Engineering, Dynaoptics

Wilfred Noell

Director of Research & Development, Suss

Maria Pace, PhD

Technology Leader in Mixed Reality, Microsoft

Igor Koltchanov

Director of Technology and Strategy, Optimax

Stan Larroque

CEO, Lynx

Zhelyazko Gagov

Optics JSC

Nencho Uzunov

Optics JSC

Fredrick Matheson

Senior Developer, Optronics

Dr. Uwe Petzold

Product Manager. SCHOTT

Dr. Gabor Erdei

Associate Professor, Budapest University of Technology & Economics

Oliver Fahnle

Co-Owner, Pandao

Bárbara Buades

Co-Founder and CEO, MEETOPTICS

Akhil Bhagat

Product Business Manager, Zemax

Lisa Clauson

Product Business Manager, Zemax

Esteban Carbajal

Product Business Manager, Zemax

Sanjay Gangadhara

CTO, Zemax

S. Subbiah

CEO, Zemax

Dorothy Pults

CMPO, Zemax

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Zemax, LLC

Zemax, LLC is a software and services company for optical product design. Zemax software helps companies get to a qualified optical product design more quickly by streamlining the workflow and communication between optical and mechanical engineers. Zemax Virtual Prototyping includes OpticStudio®, OpticsBuilder, and OpticsViewer.

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