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Ajinkya Kulkarni

Jasmine Palardy

Steve Liang

Rogers Internet of Things Research Chair Professor, University of Calgary

Satheesh Thadchanamoorthy

Director DNA Data Services, RBC

Grant Strem

Chair and CEO, Proton Technologies Canada Inc.

Amin Haji

SVP Investment Research, Viewpoint Investment Partners

Ben Reeves

SVP Data Science & Engineering, Viewpoint Investment Partners

Juan Carlos Cabanillas Leon

Manager IS Digital Data & Analytics, TC Energy

Matei Zaharia

Chief Technologist, Databricks

Nate Glubish

Minister of Service Alberta, Government of Alberta

Duane Patton

Product Team Technology Lead, TC Energy

Suellen Ventura

Customer Advisor, SAS

Eric Nosal

Data Scientist, Arcurve

Andrew Nippard

Manager, Data and Analytics, Neo Financial

Jason Tate

Director of Channel and Strategic Partnerships, Chata

Peter Guo

Head of Data Science, White Whale

James Bell

ML Scientist, AMII

Jack Steele

Chief Product & Community Officer, Zetaris

Ryan Gray

Country Manager, Zetaris

Adrian Leung

Product Operations Manager, ATB Financial

Paula Jennings

Data for Good

Jeremy Adamson

AI Strategy Consultant

Ellie Jones

Machine Learning Developer, AltaML

Wish Bakshi

Principal Data Scientist, Capital Power

SAS Stage

Will Zhang

Co-Founder and CEO,

Tanya Yeomans

Geospatial science | GIS | Open Data

Laura Chutny

Data Scientist, Suncor

Natalie Piegza

Data Analytics Engineer, TransAlta

RBC Stage

Dataiku Panel

Kris Read

Founder & Head of Engineering, Neo Financial

Danielle Gifford

Senior Manager, AltaML Applied AI Lab

Kelly Cherniwchan

Founder & CEO, Chata

Olivier Aubin

Principal Consultant, Improving

Kwame Asiedu

Co-CEO, Braintoy

Padma Paul

Co-CEO and CTO, Braintoy

Francina Sharma

Manager, Business Intelligence, Blackline Safety

Michael Nar

Supervisor, Data & Innovation, TransAlta

Andrew Koening

Senior Developer, Arcurve

Subrata Biswas

Education Networking

Sam Elliott

Employer Networking

Jim Miller (RBC)

Employer Networking

Kevin MacPhie

Employer Networking

Cheryl Best - InceptionU

Education Networking

Autumn Heinze

Education Networking

Nick McKerrall


Alex Gobolos


Dmitri Ryssev


Kyle Prigotzke

Neo Financial

James Cardiff


Matt Brems

General Assembly

Placida Dassanayake

Bow Valley College

Lohrasp Seify

Employer Networking

Jason Harmer


Khobaib Zaamout


Jenny Lien


Geoff Zakaib

Director, Data for Good

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