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Youth-Led Solutions Summit: Future of Work

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Jayathma Wickramanayake

United Nations Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth

Carlos Madjri Sanvee

Secretary General, World YMCA

Dr. Kevin Frey

CEO, Generation Unlimited - UNICEF

Dr. Marco Tavanti

Director and Professor, University of San Francisco

Guy Ryder

Director General, International Labour Organization

Pierre Dubuc

CEO & Founder, Open Classrooms

Nathan Candaner

CEO @ JobzMall

Patricia Pelton

President, World YMCA

Kehkashan Basu

Founder-President, Green Hope Foundation

Regula Schegg

Managing Director Asia, Circulate Capital

Hana Sahatqia

Youth Engagement Lead, Generation Unlimited

Emilio Granados Franco

Head of Global Risks and Geopolitical Agenda, World Economic Forum

Maria Rahamägi

Founder, Edumus

Jakhya Rahman-Corey

Director, Swarovski Foundation

Carolina Quintana

Partnerships and Network Coordinator, Creative Economy Programme, UNCTAD

Rebecca Seal

Writer and Author, Solo - How to Work Alone (And not lose your mind)

CiCi Rojas

President, Tico Productions/Tico Sports;President, The Latino Coalition

David Timis

Roundtable Facilitator from the Global Shapers Community

Jamie McAuliffe

Founding Director, Global Opportunity Youth Network

Marwan Benali

Green Jobs Specialist, Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN

Salvatore Nigro

CEO, Junior Achievement Europe

John Lindsay

Technical Advisor - Economic Opportunities, International Youth Foundation

Amornthep Sachamuneewongse

Founder, Sati App - and Global Shapers Community representative

Ashleigh Streeter-Jones

Founder, Raise Our Voice Australia

Cédric Dupont

Professor, Geneva Graduate Institute

Felix Weidenkaff

Employment Specialist, International Labour Organizations

Javad Mushtaq

Founder and CEO - MAK; Outgoing Curator, Global Shapers Community

Tony El Mir

Operations Manager, YMCA Lebanon

Rocio Solis

VP of Inclusion & Community Development, YMCA Peru

Joel Miranda

Senior Director for Global Youth Impact and Leadership, Global Opportunity Youth Network

Jail Ixel Cruz

Sustainability Consultant, YMCA Mexico City

Christian Scharff

Advisory Partner and Human Resources Leader, PwC

Trang Truong-Hill

Plenary Host, YMCA of the USA

Kathleen Elsig

Senior Advisor on Development and Alliances, World YMCA

Valeria Esquivel

Employment Policies and Gender Specialist, International Labour Organization

Saachi Dalal

Chief Strategy Officer, Khushi Baby

Lloyd Wamai

Panel Moderator, YMCA Africa Alliance

Howard Lee

Program Director, Taichung YMCA, YMCA Asia Pacific Alliance

Kevins Randiek

Plenary Host

Serena Huang

Solutions Team Grantee

Betsabé Véliz Merino

Solutions Team Grantee

Morgan Burns

Brand & Creative Director, Kane Communications Group

Daisy Moran

Volunteer, YMCA of the USA

Arlane Gordon-Bray

Education and Employment Steering Committee, Global Shapers Community, Initiative of World Economic Forum

Maria Cristina Saldarriaga

Programme Manager, World YMCA

Urmila Sarkar

Senior Adviser on Planning and Programmes, UNICEF - Generation Unlimited

Rehana Merali

Head of International Programmes and Partnerships, Y Care International

Sarah Davies

Research Consultant, Y Care International

Pious Mannah

Youth Researcher, YMCA Sierra Leone

Lawrence Senamu Dolo

Youth Researcher, YMCA Liberia

James Ndung'u

Youth Engagement Manger, Global Opportunity Youth Network

Elizabeth Heather

International Programmes Coordinator, Y Care International

Sunita Kumari

Global Opportunity Youth Network

Swati Minz

Global Opportunity Youth Network

Alexandre Maaza

Co-organiser: Youth Thinking Ahead, Thinking Ahead on Societal Change Platform

Alice Maréchal

Co-organiser: Youth Thinking Ahead, Thinking Ahead on Societal Change Platform

Jacqueline Tanzer

Graphic Designer, World Skills International

Shayne MacLachlan

Campaigns Manager, OECD

Sunita Suna

Executive Secretary for Programs, Asia & Pacific Alliance of YMCAs

Dorina Gllogjani

Director for Advocacy and Fundraising, YMCA Kosovo

Adhurim Bekaj

Project Manager, YMCA Kosovo

Anjesa Haziraj

Youth Manager, YMCA Kosovo

Adi Davies

Director of Youth, YMCA Kosovo

Erina Arllati

YMCA Kosovo

Ianne Christine Aquino

General Secretary, YMCA of Albay, Philippines

Edelene Rosin

Program Officer, YMCA of Albay, Philippines


Board of Directors, YMCA of Albay, Philippines


Programmes Executive Officer, YMCA Madagascar

Lily Mackow-McGuire

Youth Leadership and Design Senior Manager, Restless Development

Kirsty Peterson

Director, Employment and Immigrant Services, YMCA of Greater Vancouver

Catherine Rana

Manager, Youth Employment Programs, YMCA of Greater Vancouver

Simangele Msweli

Senior Manager, Youth Leadership Programme, African Wildlife Foundation

Sharize Odongo

Youth Program Assistant, African Wildlife Foundation

Francis Vorhies

Director of Learning, ALU SOWC & AWEI

Daniele Ficarra

Swarovski Foundation: Creatives of Our Future Cohort

Camila Wandemberg

Creatives For our Future Cohort, Swarovski Foundation

Yara Mamdouh

Swarovski Foundation: Creatives of Our Future Cohort

Sejal Budholiya

Swarovski Foundation: Creatives of Our Future Cohort

Darran Gillan

Youth & Programme Development Manager, YMCA Paisley, Scotland

Agnieszka Doczyńska

Swarovski Foundation: Creatives of Our Future Cohort

Ben Otto

Teacher, NYC DOE - The High School for Climate Justice

Kim Swanson

School Principal, NYC DOE - The High School for Climate Justice

Stuart Mills

VP of Trailhead & Ecosystems at Salesforce

Suzanne Hickey

Global Skills to Succeed Technology Lead, Accenture

Ina Progonati

HP LIFE Global Lead, HP

Cameron Early

Youth Volunteer, YMCA Paisley, Scotland

Jennifer Salerno

Director of Youth Workforce Development, YMCA San Francisco

Nela Duke Ekpenyong

CEO, Obudu Conservation Centre

Rob Johnson

Chief Operations Officer, Central YMCA (London)

Laurence Gates

Board member for Strategic Development, WorldSkills International

Katie Raymond

Program Director, International Youth Foundation

Frank Nanfara

CEO, Studica Limited

Kee Beom Kim

Macroeconomic and Employment Policies Specialist, International Labour Organization (ILO)

Wes Davenport

Senior Culture Marketing Manager, °1824 - Universal Music Group

Kathy Tra

Marketing Representative, °1824 – Universal Music Group

Asia Howard

Senior Marketing Manager, °1824 at Universal Music Group

Rebekah Espinosa

Senior Director of Marketing, °1824 - Universal Music Group

Falecia Massacky

Director of Mimi Ni Nani

Almayne Joyce Mayor


Rowena Humphreys

Independent Consultant - Youth Enterprise & Employment


CEO and Co-founder of N-Bio solutions

Emon Shakoor إيمان عبد الشكور


Michael Cheong


Aubrey Mae Atos

Entrepreneurship Graduate

RANDRIAMADY Fenohasina Rebecca

Development Alternative Volunteer

Ghislain Irakoze

Founder & CEO of Wastezon

Jaydev Bediya

Global Opportunity Youth Network

Andrea Athanas

Senior Director at African Wildlife Foundation

Mahmoud Noor

Founder and Executive Director at Swahilipot Hub Foundation

Gichobi Mwangi

Creative Lead

Maurice Otieno

Executive Director at Baraza Media Lab

Hellen Mwanzia


Dan McCabe

World Skills Champion



Sarah Rapp

Alumni & Marketing Campaigns at Junior Achievement

Juan Bossicard

Global Coporate Citzenship Manager

Lester Dellosa

Volunteer at YMCA of Albay

Decontee E. George

Project Coordinator for Y Liberia

Mirjam Horstmeier

Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Feisal Abdullah

Chairperson of GOYN Mombasa

Federico J. Rivas

Co-Chair, Advisory Council, Global Shapers Community

Confrey Alianji

Innovations Strategist at WWF Kenya - Panda Labs Innovation Program

Dr Ayat Abu-Agla

Technical Officer at the World Health Organisation

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World YMCA

World YMCA promotes empowerment, social justice and peace for young people and their communities aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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