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Ankita Garg

REST to GraphQL: A structured thinking approach

Melissa Benua

Fuzz Testing for Fun and Profit

Karen Efereyan

Backend Special: Build a Restful API from scratch

Colleen Tartow

Data, Diversity, and Culture: Building the Best Engineering Teams

Grace Kwan

Solana: Blockchain apps that scale

Rosemary Wang

A Developer's Guide to Secrets Management

Vaidheeswaran Archana

Deploy your DL Models to the Microcontrollers: An Edge Computing Application

Claudia Maciel

Build a WatchOS Tip Calculator with SwiftUI

Vui Nguyen

True or False: Enums Manage State Better Than Booleans

Kaitlyn Anderson

Building Beautiful Android Animations with MotionLayout

Ann Kilzer

Job Interviewing: Pandemic Challenge Mode

Jinal Parikh

Intelligent Automation at Scale – Changing the Finance Landscape

Anastassia Kornilova

Who? When? Where? What is Named Entity Recognition?

Samantha Walker

Bring Your Models to Life! Understanding the Tools that Exist for ML Deployment

Roksolana Diachuk

Why Big Data is Not Data Science

Stuti Sehgal

Entering into the World of Computer Vision

Micaela Fernandez

Virtual Assistant: the bot to rule them all

Shubhi Asthana

Multi-cloud Solution Design for Migrating a Portfolio of Applications to the Cloud

Traci Robinson, Market Insights (DC | USA)

Embracing DevOps Culture to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Monica S. Flores (she/her/hers)

100% Remote: 7 Tips for Managing a Fully-Distributed Workforce

Krys Flores

Lob Love Letters: Code & Mail a Postcard to Your Best Friend

Anu Mittal

Server Driven UI and DLS

Anastasiia Lysenko

DDD in an 'onion'-shell

priya sawant

Lessons learnt from running applications in kubernetes

Leena Bongale

Power of JSON


The Must Haves for an Accessible Application

Cecelia Martinez

Unpacking the Nuxt Content Module

Vidhika Bansal

When Move Fast and Break Things Becomes Be Rash and Break People

Lupe Canaviri Maydana

Debugging like Superwoman!

Sarah Igho Omoike

Accessibility Considerations (Building for All) in Software Applications

Amanda Muñoz

Growing Together: creating an environment for you and your team to thrive

Pankul Chitrav

Power of JSON

Gayatri Venugopal

Lexical Simplification of Hindi Text

Laura Rodriguez

From Hackathon to Production: Supporting dark mode in your mobile app

Gnana Lakshmi T C

Simplifying Blockchains with the Help of Cloud

Nicole Alexander

The Continued Move to Explainable AI

Manasi Vora

Skynet: Blockchain based application hosting

Sabine Thomas

Designing for Kiddos

Jaeriah Tay

Create a Jamstack Next.js Commerce.js Application Deployed to Vercel

Alex Patrón

Live Style Guides: How to Supercharge Design to Dev

Sierra OBryan

Accessibility in Android

Naomi Freeman

So, you have big data what?

Fatima Arshad

App Clips for iOS 14

Favour Nerrise

Rewards or Punishments: A Human-centered approach to Reinforcement Learning

Candice Morgan

Closing Keynote: Fireside Chat with Candice Morgan (Google Ventures)

Karen Reeves

The What, Whys and Hows of PubSub on Google Cloud Platform

Joey Rosenberg

Chief Leadership Officer of Women Who Code

Alaina Percival

CEO of Women Who Code

Michele - WWCode HQ

Partnerships Support at Women Who Code

Shaykara Waajid

Senior Volunteer Operations Manager at Women Who Code

Kimberly Bennett

Chief Legal Officer of Women Who Code

Amanda Hill-Attkisson

Program Innovation Director at Women Who Code

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