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Writing Genre While Black 2021

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Creating events in the arts space for those who cannot attend traditional conferences, workshops, and more. Founded in 2019 by John Lawson.

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Diverse Writers and Artists of Speculative Fiction

Mission: To Explore Where People of Color Go For Speculative Fiction


The founders of Readerfest recognize that the playing field is not always level, so we create opportunities for writers and publishing professionals to meet and discuss the work of marginalized writers in a safe space that recognizes and celebrates your own unique voices. Our writers’ workshop, Readerfest/Literary Reparations, is twenty-one hours of intensive engagement over three days with the same pro instructors who teach at Clarion, Clarion West, Viable Paradise, Taos Toolbox, Odyssey, Milford and other prestigious internationally recognized writing workshops and conferences. You will get the opportunity to pitch your work to agents who are specifically looking to work with new and underrepresented clients.

Lee Murray

Author, Editor, Mentor

Sonora Taylor


Patricia Loofbourrow/Red Dog Press, LLC

Steampunk noir crime fiction

Rosarium Publishing

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