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World Wide Creators Conference by #visionaryislife

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Sandeep Sudagani

Building for Social Impact

Justin Harris

creative director, visionary

Max Mirho

Host of EntrepreNerd

Robert Jones

Host of GentStyle & YouTube Video Creator

Jovan Landry

1/3 Filmmaker | 1/3 Photographer | 1/3 Emcee

Jake Soriano

Sacramento Kings Video Producer

Tim Salau

CEO of

Bijon Barnes

Communications Associate / LGBTQ+ Support, Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY)

Bryce Wood

Host of For Your (Dis)Comfort

Brandon & Jacob

The Aftershow | community-driven multimedia experience

Roberto Hoyos

CEO of

Kavin Kumar

Social AR/VR Developer

Casey Pollock

Founder of Near Future Marketing · Software Engineer · Augmented Reality Expert

Nile Ashton

DJ / Music Producer

Michael Copeland

MC Voice of Choice

Jonathan Javier

Founder & CEO of Wonsulting

Tone Oliver

Hip Hop Artist

Jérémy Chevallier

Director of Marketing,

Nick van Breda

Virtual Reality Educator

Marko Crnkovic

iOS/Web Developer, Designer, and Former  Intern

Priscilla Luckhurst

Yoga studio consultant, small business expert, and mom boss

Elias Lankinen

Hacker, tech blogger, startup founder

Mat Sherman

Growth @ Prenda · Podcast host @ Forward Thinking Founders

Grace Ling

UX Design Intern @ Electronic Arts | Illustrator | Design Community Leader

Amol Kumar

#SwiftStudentChallenge Recipient

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visionaryPass is an interactive & personalized art piece that opens any link with a tap.

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