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Women Funded 2021

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Michelle Zych

Director of Community Initiatives | Sherwood Foundation

Maysoon Zayid

Co-Founder/Co-Executive Producer | New York Arab-American Comedy Festival

Dr. Connie Wun

Co-Founder | AAPI Women Lead

Jamia Wilson


Joy Messinger

Director of Training and Leadership Development | Funders for Justice

Aurélia Durand

Artist and Illustrator

Melanie Brown

Interim Deputy Director, Public Engagement & Insights | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Linda Weisert

Director of Strategic Engagement & Communications | Children's Investment Fund Foundation

Alicia Taura

Rise Up Leader & Project Lead, Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action

Monica Ramirez

Founder, Justice for Migrant Women | Co-Founder, Poderistas

Carmen Perez-Jordan

President & CEO, Gathering for Justice | Co-Founder, Poderistas

Jennifer Okwudili

Interim Deputy Director | Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

C. Nicole Mason, Ph.D.

President and CEO | Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Jennifer Klein

Co-Chair and Executive Director | White House Gender Policy Council

Antoinette Klatzky

Executive Director and Co-Creator of the EFLI | Eileen Fisher Community Foundation

Dr. Denise Raquel Dunning

Executive Director and Founder | Rise Up

Teresa Younger

President and CEO | Ms. Foundation for Women

Alandra Washington

Vice-President For Transformation and Organizational Effectiveness | W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Paulette Senior

President and CEO | Canadian Women's Foundation

Megan Murphy-Wolf

Chief Operating Officer | Women’s Funding Network

Tynesha McHarris

Founder | Black Feminist Fund

Alexandra Garita

Executive Director | Prospera

Vanessa Daniels

Founder and Executive Director | Groundswell Fund

Elizabeth Barajas-Román

President and CEO | Women’s Funding Network

Anna Beth Gorman

Executive Director | Women's Foundation of Arkansas

Felicia Davis

President & CEO | Chicago Foundation for Women

Ruby Bright

Executive Director | Women's Foundation for a Greater Memphis

Nargis Nehan

Women's Rights Activist and Former Minister of Mines & Petroleum | EQUALITY for Peace and Democracy

Leslie Gill (she/her)

President | Rung for Women

Ali Hogan (she/her)

Member | Rung for Women

Rachel Mazzara

Member | Rung for Women

Amira Harris

Hannah Rice (she/her)

Member | Rung for Women

Stan John (he/him)

Sr. Program Officer | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Melanie Bridgeforth (she/her)

President & CEO | The Women's Fund of Greater Birmingham

Sheri Scavone (she/her)

CEO | WNY Women's Foundation

Lauren Y. Casteel (she/her)

President & CEO | The Women's Foundation of Colorado

Anuja Mendiratta (she/her)

Founder + Principal | Philanthropic + Nonprofit Consulting

Whitney Wade (she/her)

Program Officer | Chicago Foundation for Women

Carmen Correa (she/her)

VP & COO | Pro Mujer

Maria Liliana Mor

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Development | Pro Mujer

Kimberly Crichton (she/her)

Executive Director | Maine Women's Fund

Lisa Sockabasin (she/her)

Director | Wabanaki Public Health and Wellness

Sahana Dharmapuri (she/her)

Program Director | Our Secure Future

Patricia Cooper (she/her)

Founder/ Convener (pro bono) | Women's Regional Network: Afghanistan, Pakistan and India

Patricia Foley Hinnen (she/her)

CEO | Capital Sisters International

Genoveva Islas (she/her)

Executive Director | Cultiva La Salud

Miriam Wong (she/her)

Executive Director | The Latina Center

Maria Lemus (she/her)

Executive Director | Vision y Compromiso

Abir Liben (she/her)

Senior Associate | Serena Ventures

Palak Shah (she/her)

Social Innovations Director of NDWA | National Domestic Workers Alliance & NDWA Labs

Julie Kashen (she/her)

Director, Women’s Economic Justice and Senior Fellow | The Century Foundation

Shruthi Jayaram (she/her)

Associate Partner | Dalberg Advisors

Talia Molé

Member Migrant Girls Project | National Girls Health and Justice

Leslie Acoca (she/her)

President | National Girls Health and Justice Institute

Junemarie Justus (she/her)

Founder, President | The Acorn Project

Dawn Oliver Wiand (she/her)

President and CEO | Iowa Women's Foundation

Monique Rodrigeuz

Loira Limbal (she/her)

Director/ Producer | Firelight Media

Amalia Luxardo (she/her/ella)

CEO | Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona

Cazembe Murphy Jackson

Abortion Storyteller | We Testify

Brandi Collins-Calhoun (she/her)

Senior Movement Engagement Associate | National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Dani Ayers (she/her)

Chief Executive Officer | me too. movement

Lori Adelman (she/her)

VP Influence and Engagement | Global Fund for Women

Nicolette Naylor (she/her)

International Director: Gender, Racial & Ethnic Justice | Ford Foundation

Celia Israel (she/her)

Representative | Texas House of Representatives

Jessica González-Rojas (she/her/ella)

Assemblymember | New York State Assembly

Park Cannon (she/her)

Representative | Georgia House of Representatives

Bee Nguyen (she/her)

Representative | Georgia House of Representatives

Abbie Hodgson (she/her)

Director | The Ascend Fund

Monica Biswas (she/her)

Director | ProInspire

Bianca Anderson (she/her)

Co-CEO | ProInspire

Aliya Wahid Bhaldar (she/her)

Girl Leader | Enabling Leadership

Netravati Ningappa Naduvinmani (she/her)

Girl Leader | Oscar Foundation

Nisha Dhawan (she/her)

Country Director, India | EMpower - The Emerging Markets Foundation

Tanvi Mishra (she/her)

Senior Communications Specialist | EMpower - The Emerging Markets Foundation

Cynthia Steele (she/her)

President & CEO | EMpower—The Emerging Markets Foundation

Helena Gualinga (she/her)

WECAN Young Women Project Lead, Ecuadorian Amazon | Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN)

Neema Namadamu (she/her)

WECAN Coordinator, Democratic Republic of Congo | Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN)

Kari Ames (she/her)

WECAN Indigenous Representative in the Tongass | Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN)

Osprey Orielle Lake (she/her)

Founder and Executive Director | Women's Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN)

Ashlei Spivey (she/her)

Director | I Be Black Girl

Christian Minter (she/her)

Manager, Maternal and Infant Health Initiatives | March of Dimes

Jessica Ehule (she/her)

Director of Programs | CityMatCH

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