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Women in Games Global Conference 2020

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Explore and Network
Explore Hopin, check out the community expo & networking areas. Use #Wigglobal to let people know you are here
· Sessions
Part 1 | Women in Games Global Conference 2020 Kick-Off
Join our returning hosts The Nerd Pirates for this years conference kick-off!
Lily & Violet The Nerd Pirates
· Sessions
My Story | How a PhD made me want to work in games
Join Melissa through her different career paths, her trip to EGX and her career finally going in a direction she loves!
Melissa Chaplin
· Sessions
Show & Tell | Show off your collection
Open session, join us on screen and tell us all about your collectables
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Just for fun | Blankety Blank
A cheeky retro quiz show to bring the nostalgia and the laughs!
Gabe Elvery
· Sessions
Learning Lab | Being your Authentic Self
It’s so easy to end up trying to be someone you’re not in order to fit in. Join Emma as she guides you through tips and hints on being your authentic self.
Emma  Cowling
· Sessions
My Story | Evolution of Talent
How the world of recruitment has changed in games, in terms of reach, diversity, inclusion and belonging and what we look for in our careers.
Emma Smith
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Open Breakout | Remote Working
Interactive Sessions! Participation encouraged. This session topic is everything related to Remote working, love it, hate we want to know.
Christina Seal
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Explore and Network
Explore Hopin, check out the expo and networking areas. Use #Wigglobal to let people know you are here
· Sessions
Welcome Day 2
With your hosts The Nerd Pirates
Lily & Violet The Nerd Pirates
· Sessions
Day 2, Women in Games 2020 and beyond Campaign Launch
Marie-Claire, CEO of Women in Games welcomes returners and new joiners to Day 2 of the conference
marie-claire isaaman
· Sessions
Panel | How far have we come? And where do we go from here?
Female leaders and the experiences that influenced their involvement in games, and the path forward for better representation, role models and inclusivity.
Jude Ower Eliza Ralph Sarah Calveley
· Sessions
My Story | Creating Kissy Kissy
Collaborating with her grandchildren, as playtesters and designers for Kissy Kissy and the challenges of turning a fun idea into a commercial published game!
constance fleuriot
· Sessions
Learning Lab | Toxicity in Gaming and how it drives players offline
Bryter’s most recent annual Female Gamers Study which explores, behaviours, and experiences of female gamers, including toxicity and its impacts.
Anzie Huynh
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· Sessions
In Conversationc | 'AVA: Story and Journey
Ava an interactive tarot card game, which tells the fairy tale of a cursed princess, her destiny decided by the turn of cards in-game, hear more.
Sharon Tolaini-Sage Tabea Iseli
· Sessions
Open Breakout | How adaptability is the only constant
Join Isabel as she leads the discussion on adaptability and importance of embracing change to help us grow both professionally and personally.
Isabel Arjona
· Sessions
Learning Lab | Creativity as a discipline: how to come up with new ideas that really work.
Joining this learning lab, lead by Elizabeth Sampat, Creative Director, Future Games of London
Elizabeth Sampat
· Sessions
Panel | Women in Games Worldwide, hear about local initiatives, shared knowledge and what is work is being undertaken
Join Women in Games International Sisters from Norway, Italy, France, Turkey, Germany and the US.
Amy Allison Anette Staloy Micaela  Romanini Simay Dinc Audrey Leprince Ruth  Lemmen
· Sessions
My Story | From a crush, to love, to an everlasting relationship with games.
Join Poornima from India as she takes you through her journey of falling in love with game design, breaking stereotypes, and fighting the invisible ceiling.
Poornima Seetharaman
· Sessions
Learning Lab | Transclusive Language
Join Caroline from Amnesty International to talk about Transclusive Language
Caroline Courtney (She/Her)
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· Sessions
Online Art Class with Eden Silver
Your chance to relax and take part in an online art session
Eden Silver-Myer
· Sessions
In Conversation | The power of games beyond entertainment
A story about educational games, female entrepreneurship, games education and community initiatives in Finland
Ruth Falconer Natasha Skult
· Sessions
#AMA | Ask Me Anything with the Women behind Women in Games | Sponsored by TT Games
Have a question about being an Ambassador, what's it like to work in Marketing for a nonprofit or our plans for Education - these are the ladies to ask
Ruth Falconer Gemma  Johnson-Brown (She/Her) Lucy Rissik
· Sessions
#AMA | Ask Me Anything with the The Cat Collective
Do you have a question about esports, the community or The Cat Collective? Now's your chance to ask.
Lydia Pendergrass Emma Brown Varja Lindeh Christian Thougaard
· Sessions
In Conversation | Overcoming Marginalisation Within The Gaming Industry
Tara (Code Coven) and Lauren (She Plays Games Podcast) sit down to discuss initiatives to help marginalized women in the video games industry.
Lauren Kaye Tara Mustapha
· Sessions
#AMA | Ask Me Anything with the Co-founder and CEO of Wings
Wings mission is to help talented diverse teams, focusing on women and marginalised genders developers.
Audrey Leprince
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· Sessions
My Story | Refocus and Reframe
Moving on as a game researcher and educator
Hanna Wirman
· Sessions
Open Breakout | Hive Mind
What would you like to see Women in Games keeping doing from this conference?
· Sessions
? | A pop-up session
A surprise session, will appear... wonder what the topic is?
· Sessions
My Story | Owning and tailoring my path
Deciding to stop dreaming and act, join Joy as she shares her journey from dreaming to doing and finally organizing a Pan-African event in two months.
Joy  Ajayi
· Sessions
AMA | Ask me Anything about accessibility in games
Got a question about best practices for accessibility or working with the disabled community of Can I Play That? Now's your chance!
Courtney Craven
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· Sessions
Learning Lab | Freelancer Contracts 101
This session will take a detailed but practical look at what you should be including in T&Cs, from IP to revenue sharing terms.
Tim Repa-Davies
· Sessions
My Story | Passionately curious in a talent-filled world
How my curiosity helped me go from Receptionist to Director and being able to understand my weaknesses helped me find my calling in Operations and Facilities.
Rebecca Sampson
· Sessions
My Story | How a shy introvert became a voice director
Find out what a dialogue engineer actually does, what it’s like in a recording studio and how to produce AAA voice content for your games.
Victoria Prentice
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· Sessions
My Story | Sandra L Castro | The Otter side of Gaming
How a plushie animal is shaping the future of game development in Colombia and Latin America
Sandra Castro
· Sessions
Open Breakout | Interactive session participation encouraged | "Sh#t my kids have done whilst I've been working from home!"
Join us in a fun and light-hearted story share on the highs and lows of parenting, home-schooling, babies, toddlers, teens, working and a pandemic.
Jennie Lees Rebekah Saltsman Anna Limpens
· Sessions
My Story | Jean Leggett | Level Up: Survival, Resiliency, and Joy in Indie Game Dev
Jean shares insights into surviving some of the lowest lows as an indie game dev & how she cultivated a mindset of resilience, gratitude, and joy.
Jean Leggett
· Sessions
End of Day 2 Show | Funny Women
The UK's Leading Female Comedy Community, Funny Women help women find their voice through performing, writing and using humour in business and everyday life.
Funny Women Jo Fletcher-Cross Laura Smyth Lynne Parker Sikisa Bostwick- Barnes
· Sessions
Conference Team Goodbye
marie-claire isaaman Ruth Falconer Gemma  Johnson-Brown (She/Her) Lucy Rissik


Jo Fletcher-Cross

Funny Women

Funny Women

The UK's Leading Female Comedy Community

Kayleigh Bryant-Greenwell

Head of Public Programs | Smithsonian American Art Museum and Renwick Gallery

MyAnh Nghiem

Communications Director | Procter & Gamble, Co.

Tabea Iseli

Games Developer | Stardust

Gabe Elvery

LKAS PhD researcher | University of Glasgow

Amy Allison

Executive Director | Women in Games International (WIGI)

Lydia Pendergrass

Managing Editor | Hotspawn Esports

Joy Ajayi

Gameplay Programmer | Africa Comicade

Paulina Samy

Creative Director | DragonBear Studios

Lucy Yeomans


Anzie Huynh

Associate Director | Bryter

Laura Smyth

Funny Women

Jennie Lees

Engineering Manager | Riot Games

Jude Ower

CEO | Playmob

Kai Hu

CEO & Founder | LearnMore Education Co., Ltd

Leena van Deventer

Creative Producer | Team Fanclub

Rebekah Saltsman

CEO | Finji

Sikisa Bostwick- Barnes

Funny Women

Miriam Bellard

Art Director : Visual Development | Rockstar Games

Tim Repa-Davies

Games Lawyer | Sheridans

Anette Staloy

VP of Business & Marketing | Dirtybit | Women in Games Norway

Molly Ericson

Co-founder & VP | Kavalri Games

Sharon Tolaini-Sage

Associate Professor | Norwich University of the Arts

Lynne Parker

Founder & CEO | Funny Women

Tabitha Hayes

Chief Marketing Officer | Star Stable Entertainment

Victoria Prentice

Senior Dialogue Engineer | Creative Assembly

Micaela Romanini

Founder | Women in Games Italia

Annika Maar

CEO | Happy Broccoli Games

Phoebe Watson

Game Designer | DragonBear Studios

Emma Brown

Founder | The Cat Collective

Christina Seal

Senior Studio Recruiter | Improbable

Hannah Beuger

World Designer & Writer | Coffee Stain Studios

Nathalie Verweij

UI/UX Designer | Coffee Stain Studios

Nu McAdam

Animator, 3D artist and queer activist | Nu Creations

Sarah LaPenna Onheiber

Associate Animation Director: Face Animation | Rockstar Games

Tina Chen

Performance Production Producer | Rockstar Games

Eliza Ralph

Technical Lead | Outplay Entertainment

Kathrin Roessler

Principal Lead Optimization Artist | Rockstar Games

Ruth Lemmen

Interim Management + Coaching | Co-Founder & Ambassador Womenize!

Carey Waggoner

Director of Communication | Rockstar Games

Audrey Leprince

CEO and co founder | WINGS | Women in Games France | The Game Bakers

Adam Procter

Programme Leader - BA (Hons) Games Design & Art | Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton

Hanna Wirman

Associate Professor | IT University of Copenhagen

Lucy Rissik

Director/Co-Founder | Brotherhood of Brand and Director of Marketing | Women in Games

Laura Gatti

Associate Art Director | Two Dots

Sarah Calveley

Senior Business Manager | Amazon Web Services

Elizabeth Sampat

Creative Director | Future Games of London

Simay Dinc

Game Producer | Recontact Games | Women in Games Turkey

Trudy barber

Senior Lecturer | University of Portsmouth

Varja Lindeh

Hel's Kittens Team Leader | The Cat Collective

Anna Limpens

Course Leader and Senior Lecturer - Computer Games Production | University of Portsmouth

Nyokeë Music

Audiovisual Artist

Jade Summers

Production Associate | Rockstar Games

Nicole Cuddihy

Costume & Character Design | Freelance

Caroline Courtney (She/Her)

Europe Content Manger | Amnesty International

Lily & Violet The Nerd Pirates

The Women in Games Global Conference 2020 Hosts

Sandra Castro

Master in Political Communications, Advocating for the videogame developing industry

Elayne Safir

Founder of Eforia | Designer | Advocate for Ethics in Tech

Gemma Johnson-Brown (She/Her)

COO | Dovetail Games and Ambassador Director | Women in Games

Christian Thougaard

Team Leader | The Cat Collective

Tara Mustapha

CEO/Founder | Code Coven

Natasha Skult

CEO | MiTale

Jean Leggett

CEO & Co-founder | One More Story Games, Inc

Emma Smith

Head of Talent | Creative Assembly

Harinder Sangha

Operations Director | Sumo Digital

constance fleuriot

Writer/Director | Pretty Digital

Veronica Minano

Head of Talent Acquisition | Kwalee

Sarah Ticho

Arts, Health and VR | Founder @ Hatsumi | Producer @ Explore Deep

Alison Harvey

Assistant professor of Communication | York University, Canada.

Ruth Falconer

Head of Division | Games Technology and Mathematics at Abertay Uni & Women in Games Exec Board Member

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox

CEO | 20-first

Courtney Craven

Founder/EIC | Can I Play That?

Isabel Arjona

Development Director | Criterion Games

Rebecca Sampson

Director of Operations | Hangar 13

Lauren Kaye

Founder/Podcast Host at She Plays Games

Emma Cowling

Leadership Coach | Emma Cowling Coaching

Eden Silver-Myer

Art Enabler | Art with Eden

Melissa Chaplin

Head of Client Strategy | Game If You Are

Poornima Seetharaman

Lead Game Designer | Zynga | Ex-Entrepreneur

marie-claire isaaman

CEO | Women in Games

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Women in Games WIGJ

Women in Games WIGJ is the not for profit organisation that seeks a games and esports industry, culture and community free of gender discrimination.

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