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Andreas Schobert

Jasmin Mathäß

Carolin Leiner

Susanne Scheerer

Project & Content Lead bei ignore gravity GmbH

Paul Cushion

Global Head of Sales, Toloka

Alexander Valev

Sr. Account Executive at Plan A

Sabrina Titz

Manager Innovation Projects & Culture

Christian Wuttke

Manager of the Digital Voice Assistant

Günter Pecher

CEO, Stark Gruppe

Michelle Heppler

Co-founder & CCO, Pathmate

Stephan Herrmann

Product developer for digital health programs, Generali

Helena Jan

Cooperation Manager, Generali

Jiskia Reis

Corporate Partnerships Manager, Plug and Play

Nicole Petters

Community Manager, Her Impact

Magdalena Linke-Koszek

Founder and CEO, Her impact

Hannah Samano

Founder & CEO, Unfabled

Dr. Anna Lukasson-Herzig

CEO, nyris

Theresa Hauck

Co-Founder, econos

Günes Seyfarth

Social & Eco & Serial Entrepreneur

Sonja Moosburger

Managing Director at MediaMarktSaturn N3XT

Nour Alnuaimi

Founder & CEO, Upsurance

Frederike Rohr

Director of Startup Creasphere, Head of Plug and Play Munich

Laura Bonomini

Ventures Analyst, Plug and Play

Arthur Bessieres

Ventures Associate, Plug and Play

Jessica Cheng

Head of Partner Success, Plug and Play Munich

Eric Sibony

Co-Founder & CSO, Shift Technology

Bart Lukasiak

Head of Client Partnerships, ZenOwn

Yuri Narozniak

Co-Founder, Datafolio

Tamás Petrovics

Co-Founder & CEO, XUND

Cedric Horstmann

Co-Founder & CEO, Ninebarc

Omar Chebli

Co-Founder, KironTech

Esben Seyffart Sørensen

Business Development Director,

Malte Kosub

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Parloa

Dr. Eberhard Riesenkampff

Founder, Nuclicore

Anna Bojic

Co-Founder, Miss MoneyPenny

Amir Yampel

Sales Director, Lightico

Richard Robinson

General Manager, Leadfamly

Tomer Ben Ari

COO, Gefen Technologies

Henning Jakob

Co-Founder & CEO, DearEmployee

Daria Pelini

Ventures Analyst, Plug and Play

Johannes Wiesholler

Ventures Associate, Plug and Play

Carolin Wais

Director of Brand & Retail, Plug and Play

Bence Adam

Business Development Manager, Seon

Severin Kopinski

Channel Account Manager DACH, Digital Shadows

Lorena Dezanet

Teamlead Vendor & Partner Growth Manager, Simplesurance

Bernd Wertz

Senior Sales Representative, Cognigy

Samanyou Garg

Founder & CEO, Writesonic

Djef Rifamole

CEO & Co-Founder, Datazeit

Hartmut Hahn

CEO & Co-Founder, Userlane

Tom Foster-Carter


Dr. Axel Heitmueller

Managing Director at Imperial College Health Partners

Maximilian Scholz

Ventures Associate, Plug and Play

Fabian Scheugenpflug

Senior Ventures Associate, Plug and Play

Mark Ghannam

Solutions Engineer EMEA, Labelbox

Venu Gutlapalli

CEO & CO-Founder, Tag-N-Trac

Stacey Roach

Co-Founder and COO, Anagen Systems

Vivek Patkar

Chief Medical Officer, Deontics

Philip Mertes

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, EVOCAL Health

Dr. Volker Lang

Senior Vice President R&D for Cardiac Rhythm Management, Biotronik

Eva Schitter

Startup Collaboration Manager / Digital Health Innovation, Roche Diagnostics

Sebastian Koerner

Manager Business Development, BIOTRONIK

Peter Dam Madsen

Global Project Director, Novo Nordisk

Simon Bourne

CEO, my mhealth

Victoria Engelhardt

Co-Founder & CEO, Keleya

Nina Wöss

Co-Founder & COO, Female Founders Global

Leonie Moos

Head of Program, Grace - Accelerate Female Entrepreneurship

Moritz Hartmann

Global Head Roche Information Solutions, Roche Diagnostics

Christina Brandmair

Senior Program Manager, Startup Creasphere, Plug and Play

Matt Dugan

Director of the Business Innovation Garage, Novo Nordisk



Theresa Hauck, Co-Founder


Dr. Anna Lukasson-Herzig, CEO


Hannah Samano, Founder & CEO

Her Impact

Magdalena Linke-Koszek


Hartmut Hahn, CEO, [email protected]


Djef Rifamole, CEO & Co-Founder, [email protected]


Samanyou Garg, Founder & CEO, [email protected]


Lorena Dezanet, Teamlead Vendor & Partner Growth Manager, [email protected]

Digital Shadows

Severin Kopinski, Channel Account Manager DACH, [email protected]


Bence Adam, Business Development Manager, [email protected]


Henning Jakob, Co-Founder & CEO, [email protected]

Gefen Technologies

Tomer Ben Ari, COO, [email protected]


Richard Robinson, General Manager, [email protected]


Amir Yampel, Sales Director, [email protected]

Miss MoneyPenny Tech

Anna Bojic, Co-founder, [email protected]


Dr. Eberhard Riesenkampff, Founder, [email protected]


Malte Kosub, Co-Founder & Managing Director, [email protected]

Esben Seyffart Sørensen, Business Development Director, [email protected]


Omar Chebli, Co-Founder, [email protected]


Cedric Horstmann, Co-Founder & CEO, [email protected]


Tamás Petrovics, Co-Founder & CEO, [email protected]


Yuri Narozniak, Co-Founder, [email protected]

Plan A

Alexander Valev, Sr. Accounts Executive, [email protected]


Bart Lukasiak, Head of Client Partnerships, [email protected]


Paul Cushion, Global Head of Sales - [email protected]

my mhealth

Simon Bourne, CEO - [email protected]


Philip Mertes, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer [email protected]


Vivek Patkar, Chief Medical Officer - [email protected]

Anagen Systems

Stacey Roach, Co-Founder and COO - [email protected]


Venu Gutlapalli, CEO & CO-Founder - [email protected]


Mark Ghannam, Solutions Engineer EMEA - [email protected]