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Julia Baum, PhD

Professor of Ocean Ecology and Global Change at University of Victoria

Sam Teicher

Co-founder and Chief Reef Officer of Coral Vita

Alika Peleholani Garcia

Co-founder and Executive Director at Kuleana Coral

Joanie Kleypas, PhD

Director, Raising Coral Costa Rica & Senior Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research

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Grounded's mission is to catalyze urgent advancement and amplification of existing Earth-based climate solutions to preserve a livable planet by 2030. We advocate for conservation and restoration models centered on local community and Indigenous leadership. We empower solutionists to facilitate understanding of our climate crisis, its impact on the human experience and climate solutions. We strive to exhibit and advocate for reverence and a grounded experience of nature through personal connection with living systems on Earth and to popularize a meaningful mandate of stewardship for life on our planet today and for future generations. To learn more visit

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