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Where To Invest In 2021? -- Picking Winners & Losers In A Post-Pandemic World

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Mark Cruise

CEO, New Pacific Metals Corp.

Tony Giardini

President & CEO, Trilogy Metals, Inc.

Donald Luskin

CIO, Trend Macrolytics, LLC

Eric Nuttall

Senior Portfolio Manager, Ninepoint Energy Fund

Remy Blaire

International Media Journalist

Joel Litman

Founder, Valens Research

Brien Lundin

Publisher, Gold Newsletter

Adrian Day

Founder, Adrian Day Asset Management

Craig Parry

President, CEO & Director, IsoEnergy, Ltd.

Trey Wasser

President, CEO and Director, Ely Gold Royalties

Rick Rule

Founder of Sprott Global and Rule Investment Media

Jim Rickards

Editor, Strategic Intelligence

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Ely Gold Inc.

Gold Panelist and Exclusive Sponsor

IsoEnergy Ltd.

Energy Panelist and Exclusive Sponsor

New Pacific Metals Inc.

Silver Panelist and Exclusive Sponsor

Trilogy Metals Inc.

Copper Panelist and Exclusive Sponsor