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Julie Tsai

Cybersecurity Leader

Lauren Young

Network Engagement and Partnerships at Union Square Ventures

Erin Hinson

Engineering Manager at Bonusly

Maire Chew

Engineering Manager at Flatfile

Ale Paredes

Engineering Manager @ Stripe

Heidi Williams

Head of B2B & Platform Engineering at Grammarly, Founder of WEST

Mai Irie

Director of Engineering

Angie Chang

CEO and Founder at Girl Geek X

Jumoke K. Dada

Founder & Project Manager; Tech Women Network & Making Space Initiative

Nic Frick

Helping new moms gain clarity and confidence so that they can have the exact career path they want

Abigail Pereira

Director of Product at Even Financial

Karen Ko

Managing Director at WEST

Cadran Cowansage

CEO and Founder at Elpha (YC S19) and Software Engineer

Karen Catlin

Advocate for Inclusive Workplaces | Author | Speaker | Coach

Sarah Cawley

Software Engineering Apprenticeship Manager at Techtonica

Kendal Cockrel

Software Engineer at Grammarly

Zhalisa "Zee" Clarke

CEO & Mindfulness Coach at Reclaiming Flow

Nidhi Gupta

CEO & Founder, divhersity

Beth Jaswa

Director of Software Engineering at Campspot

Rohini Pradeep

Head of Product Engineering, People Platform for Big Desk Segment. Gusto

The WEST Mentorship Program is a six month 1:1 cross company mentorship that matches early to mid-career women in technical roles with industry leaders based on their goals and areas of expertise. Since the program’s inception, we have empowered over 420 women through successful mentor partnerships as they grew from IC to first time managers, navigated workplaces as “the only,” worked through career roadblocks, and more. We invite all women identifying technologists, especially women of color, mothers, and women with disabilities to apply for our mentoring cohorts. We look forward to hearing from you!


Better Allies®

Everyday actions to create inclusive, engaging workplaces

Reclaiming Flow

Mindfulness & Professional Development for Black Women and People Of Color

Nic Frick - Career Coach

Less Overwhelm, more career confidence. For new moms who want to “have it all” without needing to “do it all.”


Elpha is where women succeed at work together

Girl Geek X

CONNECTING AND INSPIRING WOMEN IN TECH. Hosting 250+ events over the past decade, Girl Geek X has created connections and shined a spotlight on 1,000+ female speakers.


Inspiring Women in Engineering Leadership

Tech Women Network

The Tech Women Network is a digital community for technical women. Now is an exciting time to be a woman in tech!


Modern Online Booking Platform for Campers | Powerful Campground Management Software for Owners. #FindYourCampspot

We help software, hardware, biotech, and venture-backed startups claim the R&D tax credit in minutes.