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Web3 Fashion Week

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Kir Rostovsky

CoFounder/ Head of Design at Ply

Tatiana Oreshkova

CoFounder/Head of Comms at Ply

Hamzah Khan

Head of DeFi Polygon

Holly Atkinson

Head of Metaverse Technology, Boson Protocol

William Lohuis

Head of Marketing BadgerDAO

Ravi Singh

Indian Digital Fashion

BruceTheGoose.Eth .

Founder NFTHub

Roei Derhi

Roei Derhi Founder of Placebo digital fashion house.


OG Crypto Artist, #TRASHART Movement Creator

CoopahTroopah .

Crypto Strategy Audius Project

J1mmy.Eth .

Founder/Ceo NFT42

Nick Mudge

Author of EIP-2535

Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee


Twobadour.eth .

Steward of Metapurse

Jordan Lazaro

Co Founder/COO AAVE

Lady PheOnix

Founder Universe Contemporary

Lex Sokolin

Global Fintech Co-Head, ConsenSys

Tarun Chitra

Gauntlet Network, Robot Ventures, PleasrDAO

Trevor McFedries

Brud + FWB Community Instigator

Jesse Johnson

Summoner of Aavegotchi

Sandeep Nailwal

Cofounder Polygon

Harvest Finance

Compound Finance

Idle Finance

BadgerDAO .

Nexus Mutual

Pickle Finance

Bancor Protocol

MakerDAO .

Polygon Technology

Ruler Protocol

Instadapp .

C.R.E.A.M. .

opyn .


Stefania Barbaglio

Director and Founder Cassiopeia Services

Preston Byrne

Partner Anderson Kill Law

JayDelay.eth .

CryptoArtist, RATS and SPAM Co-Founder

Jess Ford

CryptoYuna.eth .

Crypto Artist

Alexander Russman

Director of Business Development Hedara

Owocki .

CEO / Chief Roboticist Gitcoin

Jen .

Backseat VC

Ronin The Collector .

Head of Partner Strategy & Success Gig Labs

Artur Sychov

Founder/CEO Somnium Space

Sebastien Borget

Co-Founder & COO The Sandbox

Cix .

Founder of LIV .

Digital Fashion Unitive


CEO Alterrage

Stella Achenbach

Designing for the Metaverse

Mo’Casso .

GrandLifeNetwork Community

Sofiane Delloue

CEO at

Isa Kivlighan

Prev. Marketing AAVE

Xenotech .

Open-Metaverse 3D streetwear

Robin Schmidt

Head of Video & Multimedia at The Defiant .


Cathy Hackl

Futurist Metaverse Labs

James Ho

Director Of Strategic Partnerships at Animoca Brands

OhhShiny .

Voted #1 Community Manager in The Metaverse

Miko Matsumara

General Partner gumi Cryptos Capital

Gabby Dizon

Co-Founder YieldGuildGames

Anouk Wipprecht

Dutch FashionTech Designer

Morten Grubak

Executive Creative Director at VICE

Evelyn Mora

Founder Digital Village, Helsinki Fashion Week

Enara Nazarova

Founder at ARMOAR

Karinna Nobbs

Co-CEO / CXO Dematerialised

Amber Jae Slooton

Creative Director The Fabricant

SamJ .

Non-binary artist

Kerry Murphy

CEO The Fabricant

Natalia Modenova

Founder DressX

jaymes.eth .

Pirate Ape Yacht Club

Cole Kennelly

Founder Volmex Finance

Ryan Gill

CEO Crucible Network

Jin .

Co-Founder Webaverse

Jordan Lyall

Instigator DontBuyMeme, Co-Founder Niftys

Austin Griffith

Builder at Ethereum Foundation

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DIGITALAX is building the web3 fashion economy. A decentralised protocol for unlocked interoperable economies involving fashion, gaming, modding, NFTs, DeFi, DAOs.

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