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wayra l The Funding Cocktail

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· Sessions
Welcome speech with surprise speaker!
· Sessions
The future of 5G by Telefónica Germany
· Sessions
Lessons from missed opportunities as Venture Capitalist by Capnamic Ventures
· Sessions
The Open World by Earlybird
· Sessions
Raising funds during Corona times by Faraday Ventures
· Sessions
An industry between rogue actors and cyber-resilience by eCAPITAL
· Sessions
Startup Academy: How to scale up your business in other markets by German Accelerator
· Sessions
Startup Academy: VCs invest in 1% of startups they meet. How to beat the odds by HTGF & wayra Germany
· Sessions
Startup Academy: How to find and retain the best talents as a startup by TALENTS
· Sessions
Startup Academy: How to overcome the biggest sales challenges as a startup by Maschmeyer Group Ventures
· Sessions
Data-driven investing by Earlybird
· Sessions
GPs and LPs, how their economic models work by Nauta Capital
· Sessions
The wayra experience: the art of working with Corporations by wayra Germany
· Sessions
Software as a key element to tackle the climate crisis by Ananda Impact Ventures
· Sessions
The ROSE framework by btov Partners
· Sessions
Fund branding - What investors can learn from their startups by 3VC
· Sessions
'The rise of digital borders: privacy regulations vs private computation'


Raul Riesco

VP Public Affairs and Strategic Investments at ElevenPaths

Hannah Klose

Moderator at The Funding Cocktail

Ruben Knitter

Investment Manager at 3VC

Dan Wucherpfennig

CEO at Lana Labs

Dennis Kirpensteijn

Managing Partner at Faraday Ventures

Marc Schröder

Managing Partner at MGV

Felix Ferstl

Investment Manager at Ananda Impact Ventures

Alberto Pérez

Head of Investments at wayra Germany

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