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Virtual Wood CLUB - Jan 19-21

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Mark Sheridan

Award Winning Caricature Carver

Vic Tesolin

Master Woodworker, Teacher, Author

Ken Rude

Woodturner & Owner of Branches to Bowls

neil cox

Master Wood Carver

Lesley de Abaitua

Scroll Saw Artist - Instructor

Caitlin Cousineau

Woodcarving Instructor & Artist

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Creating woodworking events in Ontario Canada since 1995. Now is the time to create virtual woodworking events.

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Oak&Feather - Scroll Saw Artist

Live Wednesday 7:30 in Sessions - Learn more about me in my expo booth!

Vic Tesolin, The Minimalist Woodworker

Live Wednesday 7:30-8:30 PM in Sessions - Making Your Own Woodworking Tools

Branches to Bowls - Ken Rude

Ken Rude from Branches to Bowls launches the 1st woodturning night.

Mark Sheridan

Caricature Carving

Caitlin Cousineau

Live Tuesday 7:30 in Sessions - Learn more about me in my expo booth!

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