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UKCRF Symposium 2021

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UKCRF Network

The UKCRF Network collaborates with CRFs and other experimental medicine infrastructure across the UK and Ireland to develop, share and implement excellence in operational practice to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of studies, and drive forward initiatives that improve quality of patient experience.


NIHR Cambridge CRF

Clinical Research Nurses at the Frontline of COVID-19

NIHR Cambridge CRF

Seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies in Health Care Workers – the role of CRF

NIHR Manchester CRF

Inclusive Research: A Co-created Online Learning Tool

NIHR Newcastle Dental CRF

Making Dentistry Safer - Evaluating Aerosol Mitigation Devices in Real World Settings

NIHR Southampton CRF

Researcher Coffee Mornings: A Virtual PPI/E Lifeline during the COVID-19 Pandemic