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Virtual Governance Meeting June 2021

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Cochrane is for anyone interested in using high-quality information to make informed health decisions.

Project Boards

Cochrane Plain language summary project

The Cochrane Plain language summary project is a 12-month project that started in May 2020. We wanted to find out whether professional writers would make a difference to the quality, consistency and translatability of Cochrane Plain language summaries.

Cochrane’s Anne Anderson Award

Anne Anderson Award, Virtual Walk 2021 & Stories


Cochrane's strength is in its collaborative, global community.

Cochrane Convenes: Responding to Global Health Crises – What have we learnt from Covid-19?

Virtual meeting 5-8 October, 2021

How Cochrane is responding to COVID-19 in 2021

Cochrane will respond to COVID-19 going forward and the priorities which inform this response.

Cochrane’s new Editorial Management System, Editorial Manager

Learn about current plans for implementing Editorial Manager across Cochrane